Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cleve Plaza

The project went overtime but the end result is quite good with much improved tram stops for travellers and traffic slowed right down. Alongside the tram stops is a car and pedestrian 'shared' precinct. I don't imagine this has any legal status. Bit of a wank really. But the roadway is raised, so cars must slow down.

Traffic can no longer proceed straight ahead to Jacka Boulevarde, aka Lower Esplanade, but must follow the Upper Esplanade. Traffic wishing to travel along Jacka Boulevarde must turn right into the short section of Beaconsfield Parade and then left. This has all been remodelled too.

I don't normally like palms, inverted mops, as street trees, but these ones are a bit different and are not symmetrically planted, so they don't look too bad at all.

City of Port Phillip even held an opening of Cleve Plaza Fiesta.

Photos of the other new tram stop at Park Street to come and the next project on track by City of Port Phillip, Vic Roads and Yarra Trams is sorting out the mess at the junction of Upper Esplanade, Acland Street and Carlisle Streets. For passengers it will mean no more guessing about which tram, 16 or 96, will come first or hopping off a 16 to run for a 96. City of Port Phillip has the plans on their website, or did. I think the design is ok, but I can see some issues. No mention of a tourist information booth staffed by a Yarra Trams person. He is probably the busiest spot in Melbourne where tourists congregate to catch a tram and many are unsure of routes or even direction of travel.


  1. I bet the tourist information guy has heard lots of silly questions from some people too.
    I remember watching a special on Grand Central Station in the US of A and they showed the life in the day of a woman sitting in an information booth there. So amazing! She knew every single train coming and going from that station, she knew where everything was in that town, and she got the same people day after day asking the same question she had already answered.

  2. Impressive Cazzie. I wouldn't mind a job like that, so long as the booth had aircon and bullet proof glass.