Friday, September 04, 2009

Space Book, no, My Face

Subject line is shamelessly stolen humour from ABC Melbourne radio. I joined Myspace once. I suppose I am still joined. It was for stalking a hot guy purposes. I quickly became bored with it.

R has had a Face Book site for quite some time. I set it up for him, added colour and content, found various rels. Rels seem to do odd things called Yoville and other games? I am not interested and neither is he. Good to see pictures when they add them though, or news that we did not know. Some of my rels are there too.

A wee while ago, I decided to set up my own FB site. I was quickly found by a couple of school mates, which is why I set it up. I was also found by a couple of bloggers who I know. I screwed up my email address change. I decided I did not want to connect school mates and bloggers, besides, I was already bored with school mates. I shut it down.

Then I wanted to join the TOSS FB group and the Save Lonsdale House group, so I needed an FB persona to do that. I procrastinated for a while, but then set one up and joined the groups. I was quickly found by a few fellow blog mates and I was quite pleased about that.

I set up another in the name family would know me by and slowly I am adding family members who are FB members. Newphew in Glasgow and that side of the family seem very keen on FB. Not sure that I will add R's rels. I can read about them on his FB site. The English seem very keen on FB. It must be the long dark winters.

On my old family persona FB site, I came across, so my genealogical site tells me, a second cousin, thrice removed. She told me some interesting things about family history. I will probably post a bit about that in the future. It was worth joining just to find her. She seems very nice. Lucky that I have one unusual name in my family history.

As for my blog FB presence, I would love you to add me. I have always feared rejection, a character flaw of mine, so don't expect me to pursue you on Face Book. But if I know you via my blog or work or whatever, you can be sure I will pleased to agree to a friend request. My FB name is Andrew Highriser.


  1. You've gone to the Dark Side, I knew it was only a matter of time.

  2. "It was for stalking a hot guy purposes."

    You're one of the few to admit these new-fangled cyber tendencies!

    I'm on FB as well -- in fact have put a link on the front of my blog page recently as I welcome (most) new FB friends ;-)

  3. I think I was one of the bloggers who found you earlier.....

    You were on my email contact list.

    Anyway, I shall look for you again.

  4. ok i will send a friend request and see what happens:)

  5. I hardly use facebook - much prefer this place.

  6. I set myself up on Facebook a few years back but became overwhelmed by the flood of messages from the various groups I had joined and finally shut down my site.

  7. Jahteh, I expect I will devote as much time as I do to Twitter, not much.

    Hi Sharon. Had a quick read of your site. Subscribed now to see what you write next.

    Please do Dina.

    Nice to add you Poet.

    Yes MC. There is only so much time. I like blog.

    Victor, I won't be doing too much of that.

  8. Clever post title, Andrew! I will send you an "add" request.

  9. Hi Daisy. Been a while. Missed you. I will be most pleased to snoop among your photos.

  10. For hot-boi-trawl, a new photo is definitely required.
    Lift one from Andreys World - I love his site.
    Recently there was some kind of FarceBark scare re a virus which infected via one's Contacts, so I very cleverly created a new gmail for myself, with NO 'Contacts' and changed my FB to it.
    A virtual condom. Gosh I'm clever and considerate.
    I hated getting a sheep chucked at me, and all those people who send me a plant for my garden etc.- baby stuff.
    None of my four Best Friends are on my FB 'friend' list, as all are web-phobic.
    FB in the news today re that company which sells 'Friends' - ya couldn't make it up.

  11. Excellent! Will add you shortly!

  12. Very 'interesting' photography on that site MS. Yeah, I don't like all that tomfoolery on FB either.

    Charmed Raelene, thanks.

  13. Andrew,

    I couldn't find you.