Saturday, September 05, 2009

Slow down world

I suppose we bring it on ourselves, but I wish life would be a bit slower at times.

Bone Doctor and Sister went to the footy today. Who looked after Little Jo? You whistle, I will point.

So after doing shopping this morning, and checking out some details on a new mobile for me, Little Jo arrived. We took her for a tram ride to town. Unbidden, Little Jo sang The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. I should have interjected tram. Some nice tram drivers waved to her. She enthusiastically went along with the busker at Fed Square. Of course she preferred to get the lift down to the river bank than use the stairs.

She said she did not like Riverside bar. I don't like it here. Bad luck kiddo. We do. Her opinion changed once chips and chino arrived. Another tram ride to Bourke Street and a visit to Target for the latest Wiggles dvd, Popcorn and then home.

She watched Popcorn and I did not think she connected the dvd with real popcorn, but then came 'Aunty Andrew, popcorn'. I give her a small amount in her own basket now. We have learned.

Sister and Bone Doctor returned from footy and we went off together and met the Brother friends at Balaclava Hotel for dinner. Family bashed off quickly after eating and we chatted and joked with the Brother friends. We took a walk along Carlisle Street, up and down and we were gobsmacked at the changes in shops.

Tomorrow, we are carting Mother to the hills for Devonshire Tea and catch up with news from ABI brother about his Australian Sports Tour to Ole Blighty and the Turkish war zone.


  1. Must go to hills for devonshire tea myself again soon. It's been too long.

  2. Going to the hills for Devonshire Tea is one of the things on my list to do before we leave - do you go to Miss Marples?

  3. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Sounds like a pleasant day - there's something beautiful about the innocence of small children before they grow up and become cynical bastards like the rest of us. Devonshire tea - yes, I imagine most of Melbourne would, at some stage, have taken their mother up there - I suspect nearly all of the shops would have gone broke before now if it wasn't so. Usually buy her a cyclamen or begonia, takes longer to kill than a vase of flowers...

  4. oh Hot Aunty Andrew, moan away but I know you enjoy it.

    I do hope you are not in the queue at nasty Mz Marples - that's after trawling up and down for a parking place. There are other nicer cafes in The 'Fras, really.
    oh my god its Fathers Day - The Cuckoo at Olinda will be packed stupid and cars will be up the road for miles.

    Which of Little Jo's folks gets the Fathers Day breakfast in bed?
    mwah mwah

  5. Gorgeous little Jo :) Who were the buskers there in the city? That is where the kids and I discovered a wonderful duo Bonacci and Wood.. they play some great music.
    Devonshire Tea..I hav no had that for ..forever! hehe.
    Speaking of kids singing.. Nick just sang about 6 songs anddid somewnderful dancing for my entertainment. He had the LIPS 360 XBox going. A nice bit of fun for us all, I lay on the couch tired from 3 morning shifts in a row.

  6. Such a hardship for you lol.

  7. Same here Lad. I expect unchanged except for the prices.

    Heard of it Scott, but not been there.

    So true Michael. The innocence of the young is a wonderful thing.

    No MS, we did not go there. More later. Neither will get brekky in bed. Two Mums. Her biol father will get his whatever from his own kids.

    No idea who the busker was Cazzie. English. Your own busker at home, kewl.

  8. More than you would know Jayne.

  9. "We took her for a tram ride to town. Unbidden, Little Jo sang The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. I should have interjected tram."

    I spy with my little eye Little Jo as the next Victorian minister for transport.

    She has all the credentials to replace Citylinkosky, she doesn't know the difference between a bus and a tram.

  10. A Vice Regal ACE has been served.

  11. Not a bad one at all MS.

  12. Sounds good to me - I'd give my eye teeth to live in the same area as any family - hope you and Mum had a good day - My kids used to sing that song...I had forgotten about it till you mentioned it.

  13. MC, we don't live too close to family, except for Sister, all are an hour's drive away.