Tuesday, September 01, 2009

She's Back

I am sure we all relieved to hear Timmy has safely returned, sadly without finding any water for his brand spanking new pipeline (put a little c on your jokes Jayne). As Uncle Matthew said in Love in a Cold Climate, damn blue jaw.

I notice his personal grooming is quite good though. No spider legs hanging from his nose, not bushes growing from his ears, although I wouldn't mind fifteen minutes with tweezers to work on his eye brows.

Now, will Channel 7's allegations about a mysterious heat seeking plane locating him last night have any legs? Was a call made to Barack to send one of those fancy heat seeking thingies to find a Minister of Her Majesty's State Government?

We shall see. While we may moan on about the cost of finding him, imagine what a State Funeral for a sitting Minister would cost. Imagine the reams of newspaper print, the activity in the cyber world, the tv and radio coverage. All said, I am genuinely pleased he is ok. Now Tim, what about our water???

Photo from The Age.


  1. Hehe, spider legs from his nose..haha

  2. I wish a few of our state's ministers looked as attractive as he does. (None of them can do their job properly so they might as well look good.)

  3. HAHA you're right, his eyebrows are quite seriously in need of a good plucking.
    There's some geezer on the radio saying it was all a stunt. Suuuuuure! I love conspiracy theorists and nutjobs.

  4. Daddy Long Legs no less Cazzie.

    Yeah Victor, I can't think of any or yours either.

    Heard that Fenz. He was 'taking the piss' I think, well I hope.

  5. There's some truth to the heat seeking technology whatsit, apparently.
    Oh, Timmeh, I've often wondered if had a spot just reserved for him on the Autism Spectrum, somewhere.

  6. Goes to show that nobody should go hiking in the high country without a Bic Lady Shaver.

  7. Could be Jayne. He comes across as being very un-emotional and a bit disconnected.

    LS, had he not dropped his pocket knife, I reckon he would have tried to shave with that before the cameras rolled.