Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pork Barrelling

It has been suggested, and disputed mind, that most of the Federal Government's stimulus spending has gone to marginal Labor electorates.

My reaction? Ho hum. No surprise about that. The Liberal Party would have done the same had they been in office, except to different electorates. I recall some instances of Liberal Party largess to their electorates. Yawn yawn.

And this is wrong of me. I should be outraged. I should be writing to newspapers. Journalists should be tapping out columns of criticism. Media commentators should be thundering away at the impropriety. Radio talk back hosts should be firing up their callers.

But no, we are just so conditioned, so cynical, so jaded, so spin educated that we are failing to react to wrongs. Manana. What are tomorrow's headlines anyway? Anything that will outrage me for ten minutes?


  1. Tomorrows headlines...I cannot say... if I were working in the Emergency Department on night shift I might have some idea, because then I am living the NEWS :(

  2. You want headlines to outrage you eh? Surely one of these will do the trick.

    "My cannibal nightmare : Blunkett reveals all"

    and er...

    "Cambridge students ritually dismember seventeen masked men with laser pointer"

    ...Well perhaps not.
    Found at Random Headline Generator

  3. Same old, same old.
    Both the politics and headlines, except without proof readers these days.

  4. sad isn't it? I'm so over politics, I just roll my eyes at the blaming and finger pointing. Same sh*t, different party.

  5. Yes, you would Cazzie, like I watch the helicopter fly into the Alfred and wait to see who it is.

    Must be English papers Ben.

    Jayne and Fenz, I hope the young people can save us.

  6. I think the young are more apathetic than me... but I hope they're not!

  7. I fear you are right Fenz. Just a stage I hope.

  8. I think we are just so bowled over by the level of corruption and how deep it is that we get to a state of tuning it out - and that suits them fine

  9. MC, and with NSW leading the charge.