Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nephew

The Nephew is leaving fine old Glasgow town and moving to London for his remaining year in Great Britain.

His long time mate has a grandmother in London and the mate is staying with his gran and Nephew is going to stay there too. The mate's mother is travelling to London from Australia to see her mother and her son. Sis in Law, mother of nephew, is going too, but her arrival will be a big surprise. She misses her little boy, even though he is 22.

Sis in Law's boss paid for her air ticket. She is a good manager. She thinks it will be her christmas bonus in lieu. She will be travelling via Seoul. That will be interesting. She has one night there in a five star on the way over, just a fuel stop on the way back. Somehow I don't think she will return to Australia speaking Korean. She will have culture shock from staying in a Seoul five star hotel.

Must say, I am quite proud of Nephew for getting out and travelling and working overseas. He is not the brightest stone on the beach, but he has done well. Good kid too.

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