Thursday, September 10, 2009


Does anything make me more furious than government funding of private religious schools. Not a little bit of funding, a huge amount, while government schools have paint peeling off their walls and green playing fields are only a dream. The photo does not come close to illustrating the money that was spent.

Melbourne Church of England Grammar School has buried their huge project under grass so none of the working class can see what they have done with the taxpayers money. Actually, it is not government money for this project. A blog mate clued me up about this. School fee are not tax deductible, but contributions to a building fund for schools can be. The government funding goes towards running costs. Parents are no doubt encouraged to contribute to the building fund ahead of school fees. Don't worry about the school fees. Just contribute to the building fund.

How a Labor Government can continue to give taxpayers money to these religious institutions and their schools astonishes me.

How a Labor Government can continue to give taxpayers money to the privileged elite astonishes me.


  1. I recently did research on Whitlam (will post it in a week or so). Anyway, I think he supported giving money to private schools. I'm not sure I'm remembering that correctly. I'll have to go back and look....

  2. I think to poor Catholic schools Dina, and it ballooned from there.

  3. Anonymous1:10 am

    Ah but we are now going into so much debt, via stimulus payments, to finally repair the poor negleted public schools. Too little too late is what I say.

    Stuff the private schools let them fend for themselves.

  4. A private girls school in Sydney looked at knocking back the $2.5 million it has been given on the grounds that they are required to knock down four recently refurbished class rooms and replace them with four new ones.

    Wait a minute...four classrooms for $2.5 million. That's more than $600,000 per room. You can get a house built for that.

  5. They certainly should have funding reduced over time Anon, not increased.

    Victor, they must be pretty special classrooms. Maybe they are the gym hall/theatre constructions.