Friday, September 18, 2009

Local Fountain

This is my most favouritist fountain in the world and it is just five minutes walk from home. I have posted a photo of it before but a long time ago. The MacRob fountain was shut off and fenced off when water restrictions were imposed. But the city council found a supply of recycled water to give it enough water to operate between 11 and 1 each day. Given we have a surplus of recycled water, how about leaving it on City of Melbourne? At night it looks gorgeous when lit and operating.

Note the cute little water spurting turtles on the lower wall and the sea horses up higher. The boy seems to be holding a fish that spurts water high into the sky. Click on it to see it better.

The fountain was sponsored by Sir Macpherson Robertson, a marvellous Melbourne man. He was a generous and self made man who made his fortune from the bottom up by making and selling confectionery. He was and excellent employer and I hope the girls at MacRob school are aware of him, as you should be everytime you drive over the MacRob bridge.

Here is a photo of the bridge by SplaTT. Elegant simplicity.

Not quite sure that he got the location of the bridge right though. As Jayne indicated when she was street walking in Burnley, there were plans for a bridge at the bottom of Williams Road.

'Such finds like the one above from an old newspaper copy, showing how it was once proposed to span the river to join Williams Rd in South Yarra with Burnley St in Burnley, are in large number at the society.'


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Pretty fountain - almost as good as Sydney's Archibald Fountain..:)

    Cities need more of them.

  2. Where is the Archibald Fountain Anon? Melbourne has rather a lot, but many are turned off, including the water feature at the front of our building that has been turned into a planter bed.

  3. I suspect, from vague memory, the Archibald Fountain is in Hyde Park in Sydders...maybe?

    That MacRob water squirter is quite pretty - not overly flamboyant or garish, but calming and restful on the old eyeball.

  4. i miss the fountains, though a lot of them are working again... it's not the same when they only put them on for allocated hours.

  5. Hyde Park Jayne. Ok. It is very restful. Sadly no seats nearby.

    Yes Fenz. I can understand how wasteful of water they can be, but they add so much to our city.

  6. Anonymous11:20 am

    Yes Archibald fountain is in Hyde Park, Andrew....

    I get to walk past it twice a day - to and from work. Luv seeing it through the different seasons.

  7. Thanks Anon. Fountains are good for the soul.