Friday, September 04, 2009


Legacy, off the top of my head, is an organisation to help war widows and their children in their lives after their loved one died in armed service. I don't recall any scandal about the organisation and from what I know, it does a good job.

A previous neighbour is a war widow and one day a year, year in year out, she stood at the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets collecting for Legacy. Perhaps is was this day, today. Today there were many soldiers in uniform in the city collecting for Legacy but sadly not a recognisable war widow to be seen. I suppose they are just too old now.

I wonder if Legacy has stepped up to the crease for Vietnam war widows? The government is now much more generous with benefits than they were post WW II and so perhaps the need is not there.


  1. "after their loved one died in armed service."

    Not nitpicking, but (as someone who fits into the category, my late very damaged father having been a WW11 POW) just dispelling a generally held view that Legacy only deals with wives and kids of those who died on active service.

  2. Yes, my Nanna was a WW2 widow..and legacy aswell as the Salvos were marvellous to her. Not sure if the Vietnam Widows have been looked after..but I sure hope they have!

  3. Sadly there are young Afghanistan and Iraq 'campaign' widows and children too.

  4. WWII LS. Ok, I believe you. So should I check their mission statement or will you tell me who else they deal with?

    Cazzie, I suppose the time were different women were not as self sufficient. They could not even get a home loan.

    Yes Victor, sadly it goes on and on and will outlive us.

  5. Legacy is supposed to deal with all down through the generations and that will apply to the stinking Afghanistan debacle as well

  6. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Legacy most certainly helps widows of Vietnam vets. They helped my mum when her second husband died of a war-related illness caused by him serving in Vietnam. Vik.

  7. The govt, generous with payments?
    Oh, Mr Andrew, how you make me laugh!

  8. Jahteh, very messy war. If the Ruskies couldn't do it, what made anyone thing we could?

    That is good Vik. I think they are quite good at cutting through bureaucracy for people too.

    Better than they were Jayne.

  9. Yes please keep buying those badges in legacy week. As a grateful recipient of help from Legacy as a child and teenager, I can tell you there are family's out there who appreciate it.

  10. Well Ben, I am surprised at the number just here who have a Legacy connection, and not a bad word against the org.