Friday, September 04, 2009

Fraud Spam

This just arrived in my inbox. Given I had just paid the phone bill yesterday and had to change the BPay numbers after using the same ones for a couple of years, I was monetarily alarmed. It also had the Big Pond logo at the top of the email. Did everyone have to change their Telstra BPay numbers? Good timing on the part of the fraudsters.

Dear Customer,

This e-mail has been sent to you by BigPond to inform you that we were unable to process your most recent payment of bill. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information. (eg: billing address, phone)
2. Submitting incorrect information during bill payment process.

Due to this, to ensure that your service is not interrupted, we request you to confirm and update your billing information today
by clicking here

If you have already confirmed your billing information then please disregard this message as we are processing the changes you have made.

BigPond Billing Department


  1. ugh, they're getting more and more cheeky. Those people who aren't as savvy would fall for this sort of scam quite easily, grrr.

  2. The telltale sign of this being a scam is the link.

    "This is a secure page. Telstra has implemented SSL security technology designed to prevent unauthorised people from reading this page, or the information you send to us via this page. Please refer to."

    Secure pages don't have 'http' in the URL, they have 'https' ... ALWAYS!

    It's the first, the simplest and the most obvious red flag even for the unsavviest.

  3. Strangely, I had a new Biller reference code for my mother's Telstra telephone account only yesterday. It was contained in a mailed printed bill.

  4. I got the Bpay switcheroo a while ago on my mobile account - the big question is though: What the fuck for? Surely if Telstra has renewed their system they can make payer references portable. Another example of their appalling attitude to customer service.

  5. Fenz, that is why I contacted Telstra straight away and they were very interested.

    LS, that was one I did not know, https. There are other clear signs once you read closely, but still, it is good. Clearly they don't expect to catch the likes of you or me, but they would catch many.

    Victor, I think they are changing everyone's.

    Mutant, we love to hate Telstra. How poorer life would be without them.

  6. I still pay everything by cheque...all checkable and I maintain the stubs...served me well for all my adult life...

  7. whoa Middle Child! I didn't know they still did cheque books ;)

  8. MC, reminds of childhood rows when Mother wrote cash cheques and did not fill in the stubs.

    Fenz, and they still take days to proceess.