Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cough cough

I saw some film of two babies with whooping cough on tv tonight. Quite distressing to see really. Some parents have been fooled into believing, often by unqualified people with US accents, that immunisation, especially whopping cough, for babies is wrong and dangerous. Cranks on the internet haven't helped either.

By all means question your doctor. Question what drug companies are pushing. Question science. No one is ever right all the time.

But child immunisation is tried and proven. It is on the record and has been for a long time. Parents who don't immunise their children should be liable for child neglect charges or worse.

You with anecdotal evidence and internet research, forget it all and give them their jabs. Just ask someone whose baby has had bad whooping cough and has not immunised.


  1. my cousin was 2 days old when he contracted whooping cough and he almost died :(
    Thankfully he was a big beefy baby and that's most probably what saved him.
    I have a friend who is against immunisation, I want to smack her in the head. The arguments they put forth are so ridiculous. Oh don't get me started, it makes me angry.

  2. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Saw the same program - some stupid septic saying it should be open for debate - total fuckwit, the debate ended 200 years ago with Jenner.
    If they dont want to immunise their kids, then quarantine them from the rest of us - no kinder, no school, no public places. Fuck em.

  3. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Last year there was an outbreak of measles at Tokyo universities because 20-odd year's ago, parents decided not to immunize their children. Now the government is pushing for all babies to get their jabs in time. Vik.

  4. I don't understand that mentality. There are so many more 'pros' than 'cons' with immunisation. They aren't there for the fun of hurting kids. Geebus. Opposite really.
    When my eldest started Primary school (Public, not private) we had to provide a certificate from the Council that showed she was fully immunised. I think that is sensible. My kid has been immunised, and surely the rest in her class would have too, with this need for the certificate before enrolment.

  5. One of my friends had a close friend who lost their 4 week old baby to whooping cough earlier this year.
    you can read it here.
    On another programme the parents were interviewed and not 20 kms from their house lived that vocal anti-vaccination woman who blithely claimed "no one dies of it".
    Ignorance is not bliss for those who have to pay the price of others' stupidity.

    OT -Andrew , those diffusers are abundant in the cheap $2 shops and Asian grocery stores.

  6. Fenz, it should just be compulsory.

    Michael, I should think if all are immunised, whooping cough surely must disappear in this country.

    Hope they chastised their parents then Vik. Not very Japanese like though.

    Raelene, I wonder what happened if a child was not immunised? Banned from school?

    Jayne, now children aren't really my business. But how do people not know that they don't need immunisation? If I know, and have for a long time, why doesn't everyone? Of course then there are those who refuse. Thanks for the tip on diffusers.

  7. I'm all for immunisation. I always got jabbed as a kid and I'm a firm believer that my fragile little immune system wouldn't have fared so well on its own. I'm inclined to agree with Michael's comments. If you've missed any of your shots stay the fuck away from me. Do not want!

    I've seen the pros and cons and can't for the life of me see how anyone would think that immunisation is a bad idea.

  8. My 4 children have all been immunised. The cost of them not being immunised is just mind boggling to even contemplate.
    I have nursed people with many preventable diseases... it astonishes me that these unqualified people get away with coaxing people into believing them..playing chess with the lives of babes and others around them.

  9. You should hear my GP (a lad with a kiddy of around young Jo's age) go ballistic about these irresponsible parents who figure that they can live in their own self centred bubble with no connection to the rest of the community.

    OTOH he advised me to have an innoculation to fend off advanced senility.

    Sadly it doesn't seemed to have worked. (But luckily I'll never know.)

  10. Mutant, and still get a jab all these years later.

    Yep Cazzie, it is one thing when it is themselves, but quite another when you are talking about children.

    LS, I am sure you good lady will have a brick to sort out any senility, quickly and cleanly.

  11. Tell the Lady Livia if she starts a "Brick Sedgwick" Fund then I'll send one post haste.

  12. Reckon he might be impervious to a brick.