Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where am I?

Some may see some train tracks that could be anywhere. Others will identify the greater Melbourne location in five seconds flat. So where are they? If you know, explain what is being seen. The photo raises a question in my mind. If I was a user of the service in the morning peak, travelling from the top of the picture to the bottom, I think I would know the answer for sure. I'll see if anyone answers the question before I ask it.

Later Edit: The question is, do the express trains all use the Frankston line tracks?


  1. Its just before the Toorak Road Bridge, where the Pakenham/Cranbourne Line (pair on the left), the Frankstone line (Pair in Middle), and the Sandringham line (Pair far right) disappear under the road bridge and enter South Yarra Station.


  2. p.s. Probably taken from lovers walk/lane.

    Nice spot - especially once they have finished the proposed landscaping/park between the Sandringham line and the others.

    Work in progress - See the below link for more info!


  3. While my question remains unanswered, well done Msilsby and I will read the proposals in detail tomorrow. It was just taken from the bridge footpath. A little of parked cars at the top was chopped out.

  4. It was....at that place...you know, it's right on the tip of my tongue...that station area...thingie....near a certain pub in Malvern....that used to have an old boarding house overlooking the tracks....until some plebian bought the joint, tore down the old boarding house, titivated the pub up and made it the plastic pokie palace that it is today...
    Oh, wait.
    Wrong side of the tracks :P

  5. "... explain what is happening":
    a stockade is being built to contain all the people who chuck their rubbish on train tracks. They will be forced to live with it in their faces forever, like the rest of us.
    The second thing that is happening is that M.Silsby is lurking in that clump of shrubbery, writing reports for Stonnington Council.

  6. Certainly extensive plans Msilsby. Although so close, I have never had a good look at the area.

    I know exactly where you mean. Railway hotels are preferable.

    MS, I think most of it blows there from the streets. It is disgusting, as are many train line environs.

  7. I recognised it straight-off, as I go through there most days.

    No, express trains use both sets of tracks. Off-peak and most of the weekend, only Frankston trains run express, but during peak-hours a lot of Dandenong trains do too.

  8. Daniel, a friend who uses the Dandenong line told me that express trains use the Frankston tracks. I was doubtful and it seems with good reason.

  9. yeah. In the evening peak for instance, there's a period where the only stopping trains in the peak direction are on the Frankston line, and all the Dandies run express South Yarra to Caulfield.