Sunday, August 02, 2009

What are these things called, love?

Remember back when Mayor of London Boris Johnston said he was going to reduce the walking time at pedestrian lights for people to cross the road? I mentioned it back here. Well, I think there is a solution to his problem.

Now I don't know what these camera looking things are called that are appearing on pedestrian crossings, but I know what they do, they zap anyone who is too slow crossing the road. Kidding.

No, from my observations they are motion detectors. As soon as there is no movement detected on the crossing while the red do not walk figure is flashing, the lights will change to green for motor cars to proceed. If there is continuing motion, the lights will operate as normally.

I was waiting for a tram where these were installed and I had some time to observe them and they work rather well.


  1. Oh, lovely.
    I'll wait till they begin malfunctioning (as everything under the Brumby Govt has wont to do) and collect my pancakes for Shrove Tuesday :P

  2. I think Jayne has a point...good while they work...will be chaos when they fail

  3. Malfunctioning Jayne and MC. Now that sounds like fun. Red, green, red, green. Old ladies jumping out of the way. Cars banging into one another.

  4. Well then people can just have their own street parties. They don't need to wait for the police to put barricades up.....

  5. Almost there Andrew, I some places they do as you explained however newer ones detect and log car traffic to predict how long the next phase of lights for both pedestrians and cars should be.

  6. Ok Bobby, thanks. So the newer ones log cars, which could be done by road loops but they also detect numbers or masses of pedestrians who are using the crossing?