Sunday, August 02, 2009

Up Yours Pompeii

People sure are interested in history. We attempted to see the exhibition A Day in Pompeii at the Melbourne Museum this morning. We were there early enough, before eleven but the queue was a hundred metres long, if not more. You can buy your tickets online but I had some deal to use, so I did not want to pay full price on the net. We don't queue if we can help it now, and we weren't going to start there.

Back to the Nicholson Street tram and the City Circle swung in behind it. We changed to the CC tram, thinking we were being clever and we would get to Flinders Street more quickly. Nope, it sat for five minutes in Spring Street.

Since we could not learn about Pompeii, we decided to take in John Brack exhibition at the Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square.

I am familiar with a couple of his paintings, I especially like The Bar, but in his early work he used very dull colours. As he became older, his works changed very much to high vibrant and brilliant colours. I was very impressed with his later art. And what fun all the flexible wooden men are, along with the coloured pencils and an occasional dip in pen. Very pleased we saw it. It finishes next weekend.

This is 'The Bar' from The Age website.

And this is 'Confrontation' from


  1. OOhh, I like his art! Too bad about the museum, I gess with dull weather people go for the indoorsy activities.
    We just got back from the park, battled a head wind at that :)

  2. They were queuing before 9.30am on the school hols to see Pompeii *shudder*.
    Love The Bar, sums up the 6 o'clock swill perfectly; nameless, faceless men with the barmaid the most important person in the joint ;)
    Might drag FB in to have a gander and get his quota of art appreciation for the week :P

  3. The museum was unbelievable Cazzie. People were also pouring in from the car park, buses and the tram. I hate the hot north wind in the summer and the strong and coldish north wind in the winter. A nice southerly from the Antartica is great in winter. Cold and fresh.

    Jayne, now it seems to be a 6am swill. The six o'clock swill was a classic piece of Aussie history.

  4. Thats So Pants was there too.
    we both love Brack.

  5. Alison takes me to the Museum and Galleries when I go down there and I love that you have all that stuff and choice down there...Would loved to have seen the Pompeii thingie...The painting "The Bar" is unusuall...unsure what the pens and pencils thingie is meant to be..."Confrontation" - ?

  6. Was she indeed Ann. Hope I did not stand in front of her when she was viewing.

    MC, I think the pens and pencils represent armies massing. Pompeii is on for a while yet. Might have another crack.