Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some Sunday 'omour

If Andy can post a weekly joke, usually a piss weak one at that, maybe I should too. I will select the best of what arrives from friends during the week. Let me see how long I stick at this. I have re-written this one to make it shorter.

Fanny Greene was well known about town. Even the Vicar had heard of her and her significant reputation. One Sunday she decided to attend the Vicar's church service. She was known to dress as her name, that is in green.

She swanned into church and wriggled her hips all the way down the aisle and sat with a very provocative pose in the front pew. She was resplendent in a revealing green dress and a matching handbag and shoes.

The Vicar nudged the altar boy and said to him, "Is that Fanny Greene?"

"No", the altar boy replied, "I think it is just a reflection from her shoes".


  1. Fuck you, I'm suing.

  2. Is that a professional critique Andy?

  3. Anonymous12:18 am

    Cazzie :)

  4. Heh heh heh. Careful Andrew, you'll get a reputation for telling 'dad jokes'.

  5. Ha ha bloody ha...will have to remember that one...its a bewdy... Love the Aussie phrases such as "Piss weak" - "shit for brains" is another favourite of mine - "pissed as a cricket" now where did that come from?

  6. Bit naughty Cazzie.

    Dad jokes Mutant?

    MC, and where did 'pissed as a newt' come from too.

  7. Surely you're familiar with the Dad Jokes concept? And before you start wondering, they have nothing to do with any kind of role-play scenarios.

  8. My two favourites at the moment: an out-of-office message I read about over at Phish's blog:

    I am currently on leave, travelling through time. I will be returning last week.

    and on the poster for a Puppetry of the Penis Show:

    Warning! May contain traces of nuts.

  9. Not really familiar with Dad jokes concept.......Son.

    The Puppetry on is good Lad.