Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sneaking Out

What a week we have had. Busy, stressful, busy, and did I mention stressful? Normally on a Saturday night we would go out with friends for dinner and be home early enough to relax before we have to do what we have to do the next day.

Often before we go out we say to each other, wish we were staying home. This time I put my foot down with a firm hand and said no. Actually I kinda begged to ask could we not just stay home this Saturday night? R readily agreed. He is weary too.

But R has cooked something like 7 evening meals in a row and I am feeling guilty. Not to the point where we need pizza though. We rejected overtures from friends about catching up for a meal on Saturday night. I said to R, we could be just wicked and go out for a meal on our own, and so we did. We et at our often frequented Lemon Bistro in Little Bourke Street and it was a good bit of nosh. It is also a good place for people watching.

Arrive home and felt the need to call Mother as she is afraid at home on Saturday night, and ABI Brother is not at home, just five minutes away in Pakenham, but in Leeds. Reports have come that he has been tv spotted in the cricket audience at Headingley. Dutiful son deed done. Learnt that Little Jo is still not well.

We don't travel on trams very often at night. I am sure I wrote about one time when Step Mother visited, we took her out to town and we had to step over a lad who was smacked out and resting on the tram door step.

Tonight it was an extremely ugly young man who was out for trouble. What makes young lads like this? I don't know.

He with friends boarded the tram with us, but then ticket checkers got on too. The lads all got off the tram. I heard from the outside them saying, hey, we have tickets. They got back on.

He started banging on a window of the tram and challenged one of the ticket inspectors. Look, he said, it is not in the rules and pointed to the rules of tram travelling. See, no rule against banging on a window. Public property mate, the checker said to him. Ticket checker was trying to bridge the gap of being seen to do something about the obnoxious lad and not getting too involved.

He then snapped a top off one of the alchoholic drinks he was carrying in a bag, and threw the top into the tram stairwell. He held the drink up high and said, fuck you, you can't touch me, I am not drinking it. He came close to us and I very loudly started telling R about UK ASBOs. Anti Social Behaviour Orders. The lad was oblivious to what I was saying.

The lad stepped off the tram calling the ticket checker a cock sucking cunt. The checkers followed the lad off the tram and one had his mobile phone out calling someone. I said, go for him as the checker passed us.

Not for all the tea in China would I do their job.

But I just so do not understand why someone would want to behave this way in public. Eyes were watching him and condemming him. At least he was an ugly and hideously dressed looking fucker. It is worse when they are nicely dressed and nice looking but behave in the same way.

Tram travel is always interesting, but not always nice.


  1. "What makes young lads like this?"

    Too much testosterone and not enough sex, usually.

  2. Hear hear MS.

    Brian, why isn't he out pursuing sex?

  3. Andrew,

    He probably is -- he's just not getting any.

  4. Well, he ain't gonna charm any chicks with his behaviour.

  5. Too long to wait for stun guns to be issued to Vic police, 2x4 to the back of the head is much quicker.
    Semi-conscious state might make him more attractive to the opposite sex.
    Though I think the lack of vocal cords would be preferred.

  6. Haha Jayne. Two be four. I expect by the end of the night he would have been semi conscious from booze.