Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Sunday

R's car is a shocker for showing dirt. Due to it being quite wet lately, no, not heavy decent rain, it was filthy. While there are closer car wash places to us, the inner ones tend to get very busy and don't have much space. R suggested Ashburton, a long term favourite of his, combined with a visit to Chadstone Shopping Centre. The need for a large shopping centre disappeared yesterday. Story of that later. My preference is the Altona car wash and that is where we went.

I watched the automatic laser wash with interest. $14 for the full monty, $10 for the basic. Now if your car is not waterproof, I would not suggest using it. I found a token on the ground which I will save for the future. R explained to me that if you put in twenty dollars for a $14 wash, you get back 6 tokens as change. I saw no notice to this effect and I think it un-ethical.

Anyway, R's car, manually washed, was now sparkling. We both anxiously looked at the overcast sky. Cloudy but I could not see rain happening soon. We went on to Altona Beach. I wanted to go along a street called Racecourse Road or Street. It went through wetlands, but there were potholes in the road and mud to the sides. Didn't want to mess up the car. As well, there was a ford and a closed road sign up. I think the sign was redundant.

We went on to Millers Road and along the beach. We stopped for a cold drink and a walk along the beach, but gosh it was cold and windy. We drover further along the beach and then backtracked in a street behind the beach road and came across a decent sized street shopping centre. It must be the Altona shops as the Altona railway station was nearby.

Then on to Altona Gate, a medium sized shopping centre we have been to a few times. Sister had given us a set of three studio photos of Little Jo (that was the disappointing surprise) and we needed a picture frame. We found one of the right size but ugly timber. Four shops later, we found one the correct size and with a black frame. Along the way, we were looking for what I call an asbestos mat. Others call it a diffuser. It sits over the stove gas jet and allows very slow simmering. I don't know how people manage without one, especially for pasta sauce that needs reducing. Clearly many do as we could not find one. We have looked elsewhere too. I joked to R, maybe it really is asbestos and they have been withdrawn. I expect an expensive shop like Essential Ingredient in Prahran have them. I want a cheapie though. Seen any around?

We couldn't resist buying a couple of tiny things for Little Jo and look, a slide paper slicer for $2. Useful. We had something to eat. Now here is a warning. In my experience, you never get good coffee from a place that serves coffee in a glass cup with a wire handle, just reinforced today.

Home and the task was to sort out old pictures, photos and frames that have been shoved under all three beds. One idiot put a very dusty framed picture on my bed, so then my doona cover had to be washed. It was due anyway. The usual fight with getting the cover back on ensued. Timmy, visit soon.

We have not had T bone steaks for years. We et a biggun with pepper sauce each tonight. Excellent.

From the day before, Little Jo enjoying her 'chino' at Middle Park Beach. You would think it was summer the way she was dressed. No point in fighting her to put on a jacket.

The locals frollicking in the warm sunshine at Altona Beach.

It was not just at Hurstbridge's annual Wattle Festival where old cars abounded. There was a gathering of them at Altona too. I do like a nice big Bel Air.


  1. You've mentioned weekend trips to Altona multiple times recently. Did you grow up there? Why the fascination?

  2. Must be someone else Jeb. Haven't been that way for perhaps six months. No connection with the area. Just a nicer drive on a Sunday than going east.

  3. ha ha that chino looks well enjoyed!

  4. Indeed Fenz. She is somewhat of a cafe expert already.

  5. That would have been Peri Street Altona. I used to shop there when I lived there as a nursing student. I still love Altona. Whenever I go there I hate to leave. It, like Williamstown and then Yarraville, have become so expensive to buy :(
    So cute Little Jo with her chino..Mia and Sarah love theirs too :)

  6. If you say so Cazzie. R bought a drink in the shop and their fish and chips looked pretty good. Williamstown is a place I would consider living.