Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scum on Earth

I don't have much experience of used car salesmen. They are always men. I do have quite some experience of real estate sales people though. Whether you are buying or selling, they are scum. Ok, some aren't so bad. We have had some almost ok experiences.

But would I want to deal with two companies in particular again. I could not recommend Hocking Stuart to buy or sell your home. As rental agents, they are great, both for owner and renter. Very reasonable.

But there is a real shocker out there. Gary Peer. Here is a link to his website. I am sure his behaviour is legal, but whether it is moral is another matter all together. He certainly got up our goat once and did a disservice for those who he was acting for.

Speaking of immoral or illegal, how does this work? People bid for house, the hammer falls, and then the agent accepts later bids. Real estate agents just know they can get away with flouting laws. I am not saying they did in this case, but it is very odd.


  1. Had a look at the Gary Peer website, in particular the Staff Profiles.

    Scrolling down I found the female staff were all quite fuckable. Then I got to Bettina Foott.

  2. He keeps his staff it seems. I remember three guys from ten years ago.

  3. Anonymous9:40 am

    All real estate agents only act for themselves - they want their commission quick fast and don't care how they go about it.

  4. And people need to remember, whether a place sells for fifty thousand more or even less, it does not make a big difference to the agent.