Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Jo tidbits

Little Jo twirled around and around until she was giddy, then crashed into the wall and bumped her head and cried. Oh look Sister, she has been watching you after a drink or two. Never said Sister, never in front of her, never have and never will. Remains to be seen. Why has Sister taught Little Jo to spin around until she gets giddy?

Little Jo has quickly learnt psychological manipulation. Turning the dvd off and suggesting it is time to sleep brings forth crying and a very plaintive 'Mummy Mummy. I want my Mummy'. 'Do you want to watch more dvd Little Jo?' 'Ok', and crying immediately ceases and Mummy is forgotten. Uncle R acquiesces. Uncle Andrew seethes.

We have taken Little Jo to McDonalds once when she was eighteen months old and last week, Hungry Jacks. Sister and Mother took Little Jo to Hungry Jacks a couple of days later. Mother's insistence. She misses weekend takeaway food since Step Father died. But as yet, Little Jo has not cottoned on to the delights of fast food. She is quite fond of pizza though.

Little Jo is also quite content to pretend to drive toy cars etc that are found near supermarkets. She does not yet know that they move if money is inserted into the slot. Out of curiosity today, I looked at one of the toy car machines near my workplace. I expected that the price had risen from five cents to at least twenty cents. Fifty cents did not enter my head. What??? Two dollars? Must give her a proper ride and it will subsequently send Sister broke. Two dollars well spent.

We looked after her again today. Took her for a 'chino' to Portabella Cafe at the bottom of Kerferd Road. We walked along the sand, dug a hole, walked out on the pier and spotted a starfish in the water. Watched the odd breaking wave. She went along with it, but all she really wanted was the bubble pool back at the highrise. We came back home and could not entice her into the swimming pool. All she wanted was the spa with the bubbles. Once she had enough, she pressed the off button and grabbed Uncle Andrew by the arm to lift him out of the spa. She was hanging for a Wiggles dvd. But she has lost her attention span to Wiggles. Found some other stuffs I had recorded for kids that kept her amused.

She is forming sentences very well now. We went up and down in the lift a few times and after giving her a start, she counted the floors up to ten and then could not go any further. But she does not have a concept of ten yet. No toilet training yet. When will that happen? While I think she is naturally pretty smart, I think she gets a lot of training from Sister.

Sister arrived home and we fed them both a chicken schnitzel and salad and they went on their way. We can stay home and relax and guess what, the Scottish Doctor is visiting.


  1. There you go Shirl, you know exactly how this particular ole codger can be brought to his cynical knees by a very 'pretty smart' young kiddyess.

    But you knew that.

    (If not you'll learn pretty quick smart ... like young Jo is.)

  2. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Pretty normal behaviour at that age - the trick is to distract them onto something else, relatively easy until they wise up.....

  3. Yep LS. I also recall the photo of your grand youngun assisting with foundation work. There's an indulgent sucker I thought. Little did I know what was going to happen in my life.

    Right Michael. People need to know this. Distract only works when they are young. I knew I was right. They must learn no.

  4. Jack used to be scared of putting the money in the things. He would ride them for free. We loved that.

    He eventually did like the full-ride experience though.....

  5. Scott, maybe the car rides are extra expensive in Glenferrie Road.

    Speaking of scared Dina, it is funny the things that toddlers are scared of. Doesn't seem much rhyme nor reason.

  6. Sounds like you had one of my days Andrew, hehe, busy and trying to keep little one's amused.
    I have learned that Toilet training is best began in the warmer months of the year. Less clothes for the child to strip off when going to the potty/toilet and less times a day needing to "wee" (excuse me!) due to warm weather etc etc.
    Less of the Wiggles and more of.. what did Little Jo watch that you had taped?

  7. Oh, and I have a theory with rides..they are almost like baiting children to come to them with their sounds and a poker machine.. 2dollars at least gets you a ride, as opposed to losing the 2 bucks all together hehe.

  8. There was some Tro Tro and something about racing cars and the man who looked after them......I can't remember the rest. For sure money put in a car for a ride is better spent than on a pokie machine.