Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Limericks or Weekly Humour

I heard a limerick from Wendy Harmer in a podcast today. I think it was

The was a young lad from Yates
Who did the fandango on skates.
He got slashed by his cutlass
And itt rendered him nutless
And now he is no use for dates.

I like limericks. I made up one of my own and smsed it to my Sister.

There was a young girl called Jo
Who seemed to be feeling a bit low.
But in no time at all
She was back on the ball
Rearing and ready to go.

Sister smsed back, how sweet. I did not detect any sarcasm.

Originally I tried
There was a young girl from Murrumbeena

But that was really hard. I did half form one, but it was not great.

Maybe I have a talent with limericks? More likely not.


  1. There was a girl from Murrumbeena -
    and OMG you should've seen her.
    A daughter who's clever
    (the husband's no Trevor)
    And a brother with HighRise demeanor.

  2. There once was a blogger from Wagga
    Whose girlfriend lived way up in Tuggerah ...

  3. I broke up Ann. Nice one.

  4. I'm rather fond of a good limerick. They're all a bit filthy though, which again, suits me fine:

    There once was a man from Horsham,
    Who took off his balls, to warsh 'em.
    His mother said "Jack,
    If you don't put 'em back,
    I'll jump on the bastards and squarsh 'em!"

    1. In this one, the town is pronounced Hosham.

    2. There was a young girl from Devises
      Whose boobs were of different sizes
      One was all small, like nothing at all
      The other was big and won prizes

    3. That is terrific, thanks Ianu.

  5. *Snigger at Mutant*

  6. There once was a man from Wonthaggi,
    who scaled a tree for a maggie.
    The magpie let fly,
    and white-washed his eye.
    That poor old man from Wonthaggi.

    Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all evening! *smirk*

  7. There is a blogger named Andrew
    who composed a limerick or two
    he thought he did well
    and came over all swell
    And now is obnoxious right through.

    (Not really, Andrew - you and your correspondents have done well.)

  8. Very good with Wonthaggie Muntant.

    Victor, didn't you have some ornaments to dust this morning? Time better spent I should think. :-P

  9. Right, you mind if I lower the tone somewhat?

    There was a little girl,
    Who had a little thing,
    She used to go to bed at night, and put her finger in.
    Now she is much older and her thing has lost its charm,
    For now it take five fingers and half her fucking arm!

  10. Mutant, too much information about girls.