Friday, August 14, 2009

Left over bits

Yesterday when I saw Mother, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. What is it, she asked? What you are wearing? She had some kind of slacks on. I have never seen Mother in anything else by a dress or skirt. Well, excepting many years ago, culottes. Keeping me warm Andrew. I hate them though. She changed before she went out of course. They are Fletcher Jones slacks that belonged to a dead aunt.

Sms from Sister after Pink concert last night. Pink had been at Healesville Sanctuary a short time before Sister was there on the same day. If Little Jo hadn't fallen asleep just before Healesville, and Sister gone on to Marysville so that Little Jo could sleep a little longer, then she may well have seen her.

Achievement day at the highrise.

Ironing done. 1.5 hr
Washing done. 1/4 hr
Papers sorted for tax return next week and old papers shredded. 2 hr
Four phone calls made. 30 min
Stove top cleaned. 15 min
Dining chairs cleaned. See, I told you they were white. 45 min
Digital radio investigated at store. 1/2 hr
Medicare claim. 15 mins
Excessive water bill for E St Kilda flat investigated. 20 mins
Food shopping done. 30 mins

So where did the rest of the day go?


  1. If it were Sydney most of the rest of the day would have gone on getting from one place to another.

  2. Now you've finished at your place you can pop over.... :P

  3. I had the same conversation with a patient today, he was not happy us nurses wearing slacks these days..or anywomen really. I did get him to agree that they were I was in there with him most of my morning..making his bed, emptying "things", doing his dressing that took me almost an hour... he was a lovely man, and so he got what I meant in the end.

  4. Victor, if we went by car, it may well have taken much longer.

    Sorry Jayne, I have a headache.

    Pretty old fashioned view Cazzie. My mother won't wear them because she says they never look right on her. She is possibly right.

  5. Yes, from what you say I do believe you. My nanna Dot, she tried to wear some slacks from David Jones once, and my Pop told her promptly there was only room for one person to wear slacks in the house, LOL..old fashioned, yeah.
    Dod you see my boy Tom got into the finals for the J Rock Eisteddfod? Im so pleased :)

  6. I did Cazzie and well done. Clearly no time to blog for him.