Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a day

I am f......eeling a little weary. R has the flu and was very ill yesterday and barely rose from his bed. In sympathy and with my best bedside manner, today on my day off, I left him at home to wallow in his misery and visited Mother.

Last night I was dispatched to the local for a bottle of medicinal brandy. I awoke this morning after an excellent sound night's sleep to find an empty bottle. Not sure about R, but for me, although slightly hungover, I felt well rested.

Tuesday morning I bought petrol on the way to work. I needed to check tyre air pressure, but I did not have enough time. Wednesday I went to check tyre pressure, but machine was broken. This morning tyre pressure. Will Mutant be horrified? 34 front, 32 rear. I checked the car oil and water as advised to do so by my mechanic after my head gasket was replaced. I did this at home and the car park is not so bright. I am not sure which dipstick is which? Both looked like engine dipsticks and in the gloom, I could not tell the oils apart, but I established there was oil in both and coolant in the reservoir.

I battled a hundred and one different speed limits on City Link and and Monash Freeway. I was damn angry at 40 kph for several kilometres when it was necessary for only one km.

Mother had a list. I wish she had have told me she wanted window cleaning done. I would have brought my own equipment. Sorry, run out of Windex. You will have to use metho (Dina, do you call is Salix or something like that?)

The outside of the windows too Andrew. She started raving about some Windex product you can fit to her high pressure spray machine. Alas she did not have it. Among the piles of junk in the garage, I found a squeegee without a handle that looked like it would do the job. It wasn't too bad, but I still had to wipe off streaks with a cloth. I never realised how hot our winter sun can be.

Hang the washed curtains back up. Tick. Put the hanging clips in the drapes. I didn't take them down so I don't know how they go up. Her friend will do that. Put doona cover on Sister's and Little Jo's doona. Had to be washed. Little Jo germs. Me putting a doona cover on is worth filming as a comedy. Third attempt lucky. Why don't I have my own Doona Man who is acomplished at such matters? Will complain bitterly to Sister. Five rose bushes need pruning? Lucky I brought my secataurs. By golly that sun is hot. I must be standing under the ozone layer hole. Yes Mother, I will wipe down the window sills, of course.

Soup and toast for lunch. Edible.

Shops now. To save time, I went one way and Mother the other and met at Richies Supermarket. I did not join her strolling the aisles. It would have slowed everything down as she talked. I read the community notice board. Oh look, there is a car the same as late Step Father's for sale. Oh, it is late Step Father's car for sale. $1300. Bit steep. $800 maybe. No sign of ads for his six circular saws that I noticed piled in the laundry.

I was feeling very weary by this time. I pace myself when doing physical stuff at home. But Andrew, can you drive past ABI Brother's place to check is all well. Not quite drive past. We had to stop while Mother lamented the state of his garden and checked that 'Indian or something' neighbours were collecting his mail.

We are supposed to be babysitting Little Jo tonight while Sister goes to see Pink. But R is in no condition to look after her and I am apparently unsatisfactory as a carer. Bone Doctor's sister was bribed with dvds, a meal and a promise they would leave early if it was getting too late. Poor Little Jo, how boring it will be for her. The gay Uncles are much more fun. R has bought her a new Thomas the Tank Engine cup and bowl and I found a Nemo book in the recycling bin. I didn't retrieve the Learning to Love your Arthritis book, the microwave oven, the ironing board, the computer or any other useful stuff I noticed. Oh, I did grab the skateboard though. Nowt wrong with it.

So, not having seen Little Jo for a week, I called in to Murrumbeena on the way home. Little Jo had been to Healsville Sanctuary and Marysville the day before. She was well again after her week plus long illness.

Little Jo showed me her new bed and for some reason the bath. She had been to playgroup and made something for the ill Uncle R. Except she pulled one of the cupcake thingies off and tipped an outdoor table caught water over it. Still, R will treasure it.

Quiet night tonight then. No Little Jo. No brandy fuelled nonsense conversations. Early night in preparation for another day off work tomorrow. Maybe we will see a movie. It has been ages.


  1. Did you ever consider the fact that perhaps my Doona Man simply had beginner's luck. He only did it once. Although he is good with sheets and all that. I'm horrible at getting sheets on the bed.

    We call Windex...Windex.

    I hope R feels better and you don't catch what he has.

    I'm still in awe of how much you babysit. Little Jo is lucky, and so are her parents.

  2. Time will tell then how good Doona Man really is then. I meant metho, methylated spirits. I just did some googling and I can't find any mention of it. Don't worry about it.

  3. I love little jo's masterpiece, I have many imilar items here..that I keep from each of the kids. I cannot seem to get rid of them :)
    Is Little Jo Better now?
    My Pop went to a footy game, an all girl one, up in Bendigo 2igts ago. I wondered if your sister would have been at the game? I can't remember if they had moved or not. My Pa was wrapt his girls team won!

  4. I chuck some art works out Cazzie. Can't keep them all. Sister is back in Melbourne. The Bone Doctor umpired seniors match I believe, and received publicity in the local papers. Your Pop would have read that in the Addy and the Weekly.