Monday, August 10, 2009

Going Going Sold

I am a bit reluctant to write this post for a couple of reasons, namely, it makes me sound rich. I don't feel like I am. I am constantly broke. Also, it might sound like bragging. I dislike bragging.

But write away I will. We have sold our modest flat in Hotham Street, East St Kilda. It was to be an auction but we were offered five thousand more than the figure we had in mind, so we took it. Some say we were mad and should have let it go to auction, some say we were sensible. We will never know.

It would have been greedy to let it go to auction and it may not have paid off. The question for us was should we be greedy? We got what we wanted and a little more.

It will clear the flat's mortgage and the one for this place too, along with our minor credit card debts. For once we will be debt free and I am looking forward to it, along with an extra $300 plus in my pocket each week.

We are getting too old to be scrimping and worrying so much about money. I know even in their older age, some people don't have that luxury through no fault of their own. The flat served its purpose by paying this place off. In the ten years we had it, it never made a profit, although it has come close.

We are tired of the relatively high maintenance costs for a place of its vintage. We are tired of tenants who will never pay the rent on time. We depended on the rent to make mortgage payments. Two days late, two weeks late. Never on time. The last lot decided they wanted the place repainted as soon as they moved in. It did need repainting and we intended offering to do it about now, but they broke their lease after less than six months. Our rental agent asked them to remove household goods and a vacuum cleaner they had left behind, and to clean the bathroom. When she rang them, they were in Russia. So much for the sick relative in Darwin. We threw most of the stuff out, excepting the vac which we gave to my ABI Brother as someone had squashed his hose. It was that top brand, Tiffany. We got stuck in and cleaned the flat and had it repainted.

It was only open one weekend when the offer was made. I hope the new owners have carefully gone through the owner's corp documents and see how much it costs, and that there is no water meter, so they pay the whole water bill. Something we missed when we bought it, our one bedroom place pays the same owner's corp fee as a three bedroom place. Same levies too. Caveat emptor.

Our selling agent has driven us crazy with his incompetence. I won't say who the agent is but if you have a good memory, the same one who we rented it out through.

The lass at the rental office called last week to inquire about sale progress and thank us for being great to deal with. That was very kind of her. She was also good for us to deal with.

So, another era bites the dust.

Now what shall I spend some money on? Replace my thirty month old phone that creaks as I write an sms? I am listening to quite a lot of podcasts now and it is quite difficult to do it on an Ipod Shuffle. I think I need one that you can select what you are going to listen to. I have some superannuation payments to catch up on to ensure I get maximum benefit when I retire.

But mostly, save for an overseas holiday next year. Our energy levels aren't what they used to be and we really need to travel now, while we are still fit enough to walk a good bit.

The kitchen living area were quite spacious and had slate floors. The bedroom had carpet. Can't remember what was on the bathroom floor.

Floor Plan.

It was right at the back of the block with a very long hallway, although the car parking space was close enough. The block was built to be a motel, but it never happened. The two and three bedroom flats are fantastic.


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    That reminds me - I forgot to say congrats in my mail to R; so...Congrats!! Remember, you're always welcome to visit Japan! Vik.

  2. Ta Vik. I could not possibly confirm or deny that we may be considering a visit to Japan. Mum's the word.

  3. a friend had a flat at Rocklea Gardens ... ? looks the same.

    congrats on it all though.
    I roared at
    "someone squashed his hose"

    mwah mwah

  4. YAY! Congratuwelldone!
    Debt free is brilliant, I was like that a few years back, when I set off for the UK. Didn't last long but heck I had a fabulous time!

  5. Well done, Andrew! How wonderful it must be to say "I'm debt-free." I'm envious.

  6. Congrats!
    A weight and extra worry off your shoulders ;)

  7. Debt free - well done! we won't be like that for.... oh prolly never (how many kids do we have again??) so am happily jealous. Enjoy it and take those holidays.

  8. Top 'o' the class FG. I didn't make is very clear, but it was the hose on his old vacuum cleaner.

    Fenz, money is made to spend. While being sensible, you have to live and enjoy yourself.

    Thanks Daisy. I am sure you will be soon enough. It is all about balance.

    Aye Jayne, it 'tis at that.

    Thanks Raelene. Given we never had the expense of kids, we should be rich. Sadly expenditure has always matched income, plus a little bit. Anyway, I won't have anyone to push me around in a chair when I am old.

  9. Anonymous11:32 am

    "I am listening to quite a lot of podcasts now and it is quite difficult to do it on an Ipod Shuffle."

    Have you looked at the new Ipod Shuffle, Andrew? 4G and talks to you. You can select what playlist you want and can skip to next track or in your case podcast. You can play straight through or on shuffle.

    I have one for gym and it is great.

  10. Well Anon, mine seems not to be for music now, so better I get something conventional. Since it sits out of sight, I don't need an Ipod brand. A cheapie will do.

  11. That is great news Andrew! I am pleased for you both. Sure, you would not know how much better or worse you both could have come with an auction..but at least the worries with the place are gone!
    I have the Nokia Music Express, I love it! The updates are always great too. A friend of mine at work has the Iphone thingy, and that is also has a bigger screen on it. She loves that too.

  12. You are a step ahead of me Cazzie with updates. I must learn about them.

  13. Looks like you've done very well. I never look back after a financial transaction. You can't change what's been done so it does no good to wonder whether you would have been better to wait for the auction or indeed for better times.

  14. Agree Victor. Regrets you can have but it was a decision made at the time for reasons, good or bad.