Friday, August 07, 2009

Don't Panic Captain Mainwaring

Much bother over a few suspected terrorists arrested in Melbourne, the greater. They have been accused of preparations to bomb an army base in NSW.

So, would you reckon the said army base would be on high alert after the threat? Well, their private security guards anyway. This is really odd to me, that army bases are secured by private security companies, whose staff are often foreign born.

Army boss man sends an email to all army bases. Be on alert for Chaser Team or journalists trying to penetrate.

You would think this is what an army boss man might do. But it seems not. After the accused bombers were charged, two Sydney journos went for a sorte at the army base. They showed their driving licences to the guards and entered and snapped away with their cameras. They were caught after a good bit of time and many many photos later.

I am sure the Army lads on the ground are down to earth, sensible and smart. Not so sure about their bosses.


  1. Is it just me, or has Sedgwick gone suspiciously quiet since those Melbourne terrorists were arrested?

  2. Stupid boy....


  3. Its a joke to have private security guarding army bases. What the? Isn't that what soldiers are supposed to be doing?

    If you've seen some of the security guards in the Hurstville shopping centre you wouldn't let any of them within a cooee of any base

  4. What Middle Child said; security that checks on a near by school sets the flipping alarm off Every.Single.Fricking.Time they check the building, which is every 2 hours.
    That lot in charge of an army barracks fills me with such hope that natural selection will take over soon....

  5. Yes, the private security guards means our miltary installations are under the care of Mack and Myer for Hire.

    Dad's unit were at Lae in 1943 and while on sentry duty at night resolved that any noise, any noise at all, was going to be greeted with a shot fired into the air and everyone running to help. They were pretty keen to get through it all.

  6. Brian, if you are reading this now, I am probably dead, along with me bridge playing, hotel bellboy and bomb making mate Noordin M. Top who has been seriously topped. (Onomatopœia has a lot to answer for in the world of terrorism.)

    And FWIW, I'd never employ anyone outside the armed services to guard my privates ... 'specially disposed towards the bell bottomed lads from the navy who know all about rum, buggery and the lash.

    Mind you I do admire the lollipop men and women volunteers (all distant and barely alive relatives of Private Godfrey) who man and woman the pedestrian crossings outside the well secured army bases.

  7. Brian, the love across the miles has brought him back. See later comment.

    Victor, must be a quote from the show. You are old enough.

    MC, private security is scary. Gov says they would be short 2000 soldiers if they guarded their own bases.

    Oh Jayne. Natural selection. I can't wait.

    Hey Lad, be good to hear some more about your father's war time stuff. Mack and Myer. I remember faintly. I will have to check online for details.

    LS, your privates are always safe within my blog. Trust me.

  8. Well, some things never change I reckon. When I was in cadets swe had to use our id cards to get onto the RAAF Base. But, If we realy wanted to, we could jump the fence anywhere along the other side of the base to get security there !!

  9. Cazzie, I am sure there are people who are grateful you didn't jump the fence.

  10. Yes Andrew; Capt Mainwaring used to refer to the young bloke in the show as 'stupid boy' using his peculiarly English Bank Manager's voice.

  11. Kids, such as I was Victor, should not have been allowed to watch that show. It is my first memory of those in charge not always being right and of being fools.