Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Digi Box

Our ABC and commercial radio stations launched digital radio today with outside broadcasts at Federation Square. The launch of digital radio has been an absolute failure. No one cares. No one wants it.

Our radio reception in the highrise is marginal but acceptable. It would be so much better if it was a clear digital signal. But I believe where we live, three kilometres from the centre of town, the signal is not good.

What would be nice is if the ABC sent their radio services over the digital tv signal, like they already do with the ever so boring Dig Radio and Jazz Radio. We would have crystal clear radio without the need to buy a stupid new wireless machine. Go on ABC, ditch the Dig and Jazz Radio and broadcast local radio and Radio National. Broadcast them all if you can afford it.

What is digital penetration? (oops, not intended) Something like 1/3 or more of television sets? ABC Radio, do your listeners a favour. Broadcast the digital radio signal over the digital tv signal.


  1. Listening to 3AW this afternoon, apparently digital radio is not as susceptible to interference in high-rise buildings as analogue radio is, so it could be worth your while to try digital radio.

  2. "What is digital penetration?"

    It's what CP30 accidentally experienced when he sat down in R2D2's head, isn't it?

  3. The only thing I can see that'll be good about digital radio is that ABC Grandstand is supposed to have its own station for solely sports so the Nightlife Trivia Challenge will NEVER AGAIN be interrupted by the bloody cricket.
    Bizarrely the analogue signal of JOY at Sth Melb was supposed to only cover the CBD but it was received as far away as Mentone, sometimes Werribee (depending on cloud cover) but not Ivanhoe/Heidelberg.

  4. Jane: "so the Nightlife Trivia Challenge will NEVER AGAIN be interrupted by the bloody cricket."

    Ah but Jane, that will only happen when they consider that all those sports-listeners have digital radios, eg at the same point they start considering turning off the analogue signals, so no time soon.

  5. i'd love a digital radio, however i don't have that kinda cash to splash about. In my opinion, it's a rip off.
    They can't do digi radio on the tv set coz it uses a different DAB signal. TV digital signal (including the existing radio stations) is DAB but the new digital radio uses DAB+
    You should get a good reception where you are.

  6. What is digital penetration? (oops, not intended)...LMAO!!!!

  7. Thanks TVAU. From what I understand, you either get the signal well or you get drop outs. I really don't have a closed mind.

    Quite possibly Brian.

    Remember it well Jayne. ABA gave Joy's broadcast channel to a born again christian mob, while under control of that pompous old Indonesian queen, who's name slips me. David someone. Hope he sues me.

    Daniel, as a veteran campaigner to get Parliament broadcasts off what is now ABC Melbourne, I fear you are right.

    Ok Fenz. I wouldn't mind one either. I love new toys.

    In your profession Cazzie, you would know all about it.

  8. Is digital better than aural?

  9. In my experience Scott, no, it isn't.