Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deck Clearance 30/07 Smartie

Realene provoked me to ask R how well he remembered Smarties. I pointed out to him that Raelene had indicated that Smarties had become less harmful, with less colour, but looked rather dull.

Healthier Smarties seems absurd to me. Lollies are surely inherently bad for you. Perhaps I could go to McDonalds for a healthy hamburger. No! I may well go to McDonalds, but I know the burger will not be good for me.

R and I concluded the real problem is quantity. Smarties used to come in a small box. I don't know how many Smarties were in the box. Twenty? Thirty? Now, you can buy monster sized boxes. So, who stops eating Smarties before the box is empty?


  1. I didn't even know smarties still existed, let alone that they'd become healthy. How ridiculous!

    Oh, and you can get a 'healthy' buger at Macca's but unlike everything else which is preprepared and sitting in a warmer, the wait on a lean beef burger is at least 10 minutes, a quarter pounder on the other hand, about 90 seconds. funny that. what aren't all burgers lean beef?

    Anyway back to smarties. I remember the little boxes, they were great and I never heard any kids bitching about not having enough, you still got a couple of each colour and you could save your favourite colour until last. Or, like I was prone to do, just tip the lot down your neck in a challenge to choking.

    Or stick individual smarties in back pockets and wait for the candy shell to disappear after a few minutes of sitting down.

    I was such a heavenly child really.

  2. Mutant, your knowledge of McDonald products condemns you. I took a punt that Smarties come in large packaging now, but I bet I am right. I stuck one up my brother's nose once. It got stuck. I am a little bit bad at times. Not as bad as when I shot him with the slug gun.

  3. I think the little boxes of Smarties are still around, used to be able to get them in multi packs for parties.
    Smarties are better for kids than the other double-alphabet named lolly.
    Plus they last longer and have more choccie!
    *she says completely unbiased as she hunts for the box of Smarties in the back of the fridge*

  4. Jayne, stop right there. I don't ever want to hear of you storing chocolate in the fridge ever again. You hear me. It's a travesty!

  5. Gee, I haven't seen Smarties in ages. I agree with you; it is very hard to limit consumption of those coloured buttons once you start on a packet.

  6. Anonymous5:32 pm

    When I was in primary school, the Smarties advertising people visited one afternoon. They got us to watch different Smarties ads and say which one we liked. As payment, we received loads of those little boxes of Smarties. Needless to say, we were in heaven! Vik.

  7. Yes Jayne, I am with Mutant. Chocolate out of the fridge, although R puts it in the fridge.

    Victor, I have always found the same.

    Vik, I see in maturity, you have not lost your sweet tooth. Gee, imagine how that would go down at schools now!

  8. Why does the fridge ruin chocolate, but it turns out great in the freezer?

    We have some peanut butter cups in the freezer right now. They are delicious when frozen. Although they're white chocolate.

    But we've had regular chocolate in the freezer and it's good too.

    I'm not sure if I've had Smarties before. Probably. Oh yeah. I think I a birthday party.

  9. Anonymous6:09 pm

    I blame those Smarties advertising types for my sweet tooth!

    Yeah, I don't think they would be allowed in schools these days, which is probably a good thing. Vik.

  10. Now you are thinking about them Vik, do you need us to make you up a food parcel?

  11. Dina, I would never have thought of putting it in a freezer. Must try it.

  12. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Thanks but I think I'll survive without them...just! Vik.