Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Costco and apologies

Sorry about the flood of posts. I am now cleansed. Why can't I just publish and be damned and not get a back up?

Anyway, here is a post I wrote earlier today.

Costco opens at Docklands on the 17th of August. I may have a look out of curiosity. Given you must take out a sixty dollar membership to buy anything. Given I like our existing style of supermarket. Given I dislike Docklands. Given parking is terribly expensive at Docklands (maybe there will be free parking for customers) Given I am already put offside by the sentence below, for all those factors, I doubt it is a place for me. Will it succeed in Australia? I think not, so therefore it probably will.

'Australian's aren't used to seeing things like diamonds and bathroom tissue under the same roof.'

Hey bozo, we use toilet paper, not bathroom tissue. Pre-opening hype marketing, fail.

PS I could have said 'toilet paper to wipe our arses', but that would be too crude I think. I always try to keep my posts tasteful. Yeah, better to leave that out and stick to the original.


  1. or you could've said we use dunny paper to wipe our bumholes. Or maybe not!

    I don't know anything about costco, but the membership fee puts me off already. Maybe I need to research it.

  2. ooh i see now, it's kinda like Campbells Cash & Carry. We used to go there when I was a kid, for the cricket club or something. I thought it was heaven :)

  3. Anonymous8:16 am

    Yeah sounds very Campbells cash n carry. The annual membership fee and fact you need to buy in bulk would put me off - no matter the savings.

  4. Cheap it may be, but as you mentioned, the location, the lack of market-specific knowledge and the membership fee are all rather off-putting. Plus I live in a tiny little terrace house with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp and a bathroom (I use the term because it is a bathroom including sink, bath, shower and toilet) half the size, so buying a 50 pack of date roll and super-economy pack of 144 cans of soft drink really isn't going to work for me, nor will it for the majority of residents in and around the docklands area I suspect.

    We'll see how it all goes I suppose.

  5. Was that written by an American?

    I've never heard anyone hear say "Bathroom tissue".

    We always say "toilet paper".

    I picture the type of person who says bathroom tissue to be the type who says "I passed gas" instead of "I farted".

  6. Oh!

    And we love Costco. It's a fun place. On the weekend, they have free samples. They also have a cafe with really good prices.

    We find some good stuff there. The people who work there are fairly friendly.

    It's one of the few stores I like.

    The membership fee is a bit of a pain though.

  7. Andrew, I told you colonic irrigation would work wonders!
    And it's "bog roll" or "bum fodder".
    There's plenty of established cash and carry type bulk wholesalers all over the place without having to pay a membership to shop in one LOL!

  8. The membership fee is refundable though. Hence why I bought one. If I don't like it I can get my money back.

  9. Anonymous3:11 pm

    The quote is from Patrick Noone, who is the Costco Australia CEO and was born in Melbourne. But I agree he should've said toilet paper!

    Just so you know, the membership fee is 100% refundable if you are dissatisfied with what you see. And the company really stands by that. Their return policy for products is also ridiculously generous.

    The $60 is really peanuts for the amount you will save if you shop there regularly. It could easily pay for itself in one trip, as Costco's makes 75% of their profit on memberships and therefore sells it's products at a very low markup (around 17%).

    If you buy things like nappies or baby formula ... forget about it.

    And yes, Costco is going to have underground parking for members, for free. A friend of mine is complaining about the Docklands location, but she lives in Werribee. Would she rather they put it in Chadstone? Makes perfect sense for them to locate it centrally.

    I highly recommend you check it out. I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect they will let you have a look around without a membership. I'd be surprised if they didn't.

  10. How's your storage space Fenz?

    Mutant, pretty much how I see it.

    Dina, you really say toilet paper? See what tv does. But you do go to the bathroom?

    In my day Jayne, they called in enema. I suppose there are still large bulk places. Even Big W does bulk with soap powders etc.

    Ok Andy. I never thought of you as being a shopper.

    A font of information Anon. Thanks.

  11. I am going to check it out with a few friends..we might pool together to get bulk items..but ultimately, I think, we will stick to local shops for fresh produce and meats..and perhaps go there once every now and then for pantry and household items.

  12. Cazzie, I would describe you as a typical family. If you go once in a while, it might not be enough for the store to survive. It will be interesting to watch.

  13. Andrew,

    What you call toilet, we call bathroom. But yeah. We call it toilet paper.

  14. Anonymous8:41 am

    "A font of information Anon. Thanks."

    Yeah, I'm a freak. Sorry.

    I'm fascinated by the phenomenon of Costco skepticism so have been following it all pretty closely.

    Also I'm an ex-Yank and Costco played a pretty pivotal role in my childhood.

    They've been successful in countries like Japan and Korea where there are much larger cultural obstacles to overcome. I honestly think you guys are going to be amazed. I've been to Campbell's Cash and Carry ... Not. Even. Close.

  15. I wasn't really aware of Costco scepticism until some of the comments above. I thought it was just me.

  16. i haven't got much in the way of storage space and I'm limited to what I can fit on my bike or my nanna trolley! So costco would be useless for me!

  17. As would be the case for most residents within a five kilometre radius.

  18. Yes you are right Andrew... you see, my Mum and Nan and Aunts used to all pool together and buy in bulk from a place called "Half Case wearhouse" very similar to this costco but as you know, costco is on a GRAND scale!
    I remember going to the one in Altona with them. We would buy massive amounts of loo paper, serviettes, garbage bags, cooking flour and sugar...lolly pops the shape of umberellas with sugar on the if there was not enough sugar on the inside lol. Heaps of things. They sold whitegoods I recall too.

  19. I remember Half Case well Cazzie. Again, it depends on your storage space.