Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bollywood Bois

I am bored with American guy celebs. I am bored with Aussie bloke celebs. I am bored with Asian celebs. I am bored with Latin celebs. I am bored with, ok not quite so bored with, black celebs. I am celeb jaded. Where can I find something different to amuse me? What about the Indian or Arab world? I there a Cairowood? A Damascuswood? A Colombowood? Nope, but there is a Bollywood.

I have looked through quite a few Bollywood hunk photos to find two of the best looking. My personal taste of course. I can't vouch that they still look so good. I haven't checked the present ages. You can see more of my hand selected photos by clicking on their name links.

This is Shahid Kapoor. Pretty and masculine at the same time. Knows how to pose. Hair sits very nicely.

And here we have Kunal Khemu. Another good poser. I particularly like the bare top photo of him with sunglasses on and wearing a cap. Give my taste a score out of ten if you want.


  1. First one: 10/10, second one... hm..... face, 4/10? body 9/10? not sure about the posing.....

  2. He's a bit of a worry.

    Just the sort of bods and looks wot might turn str8s down the slippery road to perdition.

    (Not even going to mention wot they might do to a lusty witch of a coppery persuasion.)

  3. Ok Mortimer. You can have the first and I will settle for second best.

    Nowt wrong with perdition LS. Can be good fun. I am aware of the copper risk. She likes them dark haired too.

  4. Ah Cazzie, you like a taste of the exotic.