Friday, August 07, 2009


Yeah, no problem.

We should have thought a bit more carefully about the invitation. ABI brother left for his overseas holiday last night, first stop Headingley in the UK. Before he went, someone suggested we should have dinner on Tuesday night at his local hotel and to also celebrate Sister's birthday.

R picked me up after work at 6pm and it took us over twenty minutes to travel from Malvern to Murrumbeena. God, we will not be in Pakenham until 8pm. We quickly loaded into the Bone Doctor's truck, a 4WD not for decoration, and with Sister at the wheel intimidating all and sundry who happen to get her way, we made Pakenham by 7.05, only a little late.

ABI Brother had left to ring and check where we were. As usual he and Mother mixed up times. He returned shortly after. Tradie Brother was there along with his girlfriend. We had a pretty ordinary meal that was not very cheap. Of course nice to see family, but we have decided it is all too much on a weeknight.

We left about 8.30, tired and grumpy and so sad for Little Jo who was quite unwell and probably should have stayed at home. We managed to get her to crack two smiles for the night. All she wanted was to be held by her mummy. The Bone Doctor had diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and pooh poohed Mother's suggestion that they should take her to a proper doctor! This is not the first time Mother has questioned a diagnosis by the Bone Doctor, well Mother questions all doctor's diagnosis if they don't fit in with what she thinks.

Little Jo was much better the next day and I expect she will be fighting fit this evening when we look after her. Sis and the Bone Doctor are going to the movies to see a Potty Harry movie for Sis's birthday and R will collect Little Jo and drive Sister's car home to here, saving the need to change the baby seat over and then Sis will drive R's car here later to collect Little Jo.

The Bone Doctor has started work in a large South Eastern suburbs hospital and must study hard for the next month for some exam or something. I expect we will see a lot of Little Jo over the forthcoming weeks.

I will finish this post tomorrow after Little Jo has stayed tonight.

In other news, our dyke friend who's girlfriend celebrated her Barbie fiftieth birthday, came down with a chest infection a couple of days after the party, and as she has a transplanted heart, ended up in hospital with pneumonia. After a few days, she was released and is on the mend.

The next day.

Little Jo was in high spirits but with a running nose. She some sausages and broccoli and carrots but seems she does not like mashed spuds. Odd.

Instead of doing her usual nudie run to the bath, she did a nudie ride on her Thomas the Tank Engine cycle from the toy library. Later she and R were lying on the bed, watching tv and eating popcorn when she had a terrible coughing fit. Between R calling out to me to get a bucket and me arriving with said bucket, she had projectile vomited over the bed. She was quite unfazed and was fine. I was quite fazed and got the washing machine happening.

She was almost asleep when Sister rang to say she was five minutes away. After a quick half, they went off home.

They are staying at Mother's tonight. Mother will be stressed. The conversations later will be something like, She is so lovely, but oh, she is hard work.


  1. they're still 'hard work' when they're thirty-bloody-seven.

  2. The difference being MS, that we care and you don't?

  3. I think it's so nice that you babysit so often.

    And yes that is a dig at my own sister ; )

  4. Aunt Shirley why haven't you taken young Jo aside and warned her that the AFL frowns upon tanking at this time of the year?

  5. It is hard work and anyone who ever says they are "just" a mother needs a good smacking. It gets harder in the teens Andrew!!!

  6. ha ha that's such a cute pic!!

  7. Bet she felt like a million bucks after her heave-ho...practice for when she starts to experiment with beer in her late teens (fingers crossed) :P

  8. Dina, we get every bit of her we can. She is delightful.

    Thanks LS. Need to explain tanking to her when she is older. Need to find out its exact meaning before.

    MC, maybe I will be dead. Not a problem for me.

    Fenz, I just said look up for a photo, and she did that pose.

    Jayne, her uncle may well have experience of too much of something and a coughing fit and throwing up.

  9. You watch, little Jo will be just fine before you know it Uncle Andrew :)

  10. They recover quickly hey Cazzie.

  11. ha ha ha that makes it even better, the kid's got spunk!!

  12. A bit too much at times Fenz.