Friday, July 17, 2009

What a drive

Sister took Mother to the eye and ear hospital today and I collected Mother and took her home. The trip outbound on City Link and the Monash Freeway is improving. The inbound trip when I was coming home was a nightmare.

Apart from congestion on City Link caused by a bank up of traffic back from the Westgate Bridge, the motorway between between Warrigal Road and Toorak Road is disgrace. Vic Roads is the responsible authority and they have done an appalling job at keeping the road safe.

While some of their speed limits are absurdly low, in other areas they are too high.

Now how do you get rid of a painted white line? I don't know but they do it all the time around town. But on the Monash Freeway they gouge out the bitumen. After they have changed the lanes a few times during construction and moved cats eyes several times, at times it is impossible to work out where the lanes are.

I have driven a quite a few times on the road over the last year but this evening was the worst I have experienced. Twice I lost the lane markings, once ending up in the far right lane from the middle lane. I was concentrating hard but I really don't know how it happened, apart from the faint white lines, removed cats eyes and about three gouged out old lane markings in one lane.

I can only say, thank someone the project is almost finished.

Later update added before publishing. I emailed Vic Roads and received a response as to the immediate plans and summer completion plans by the Monash Alliance!!! I understood someone would be hit by penalty clauses if works went on after July. Perhaps they are allowed to finishing touches later. Regardless, I think I got a bit of a result.


  1. Sis and I went into town to see the new Harry Potter flick at the Jam Factory yesterday and I thought.."Oh my God! I thank the Gummy Mary that I work nights and do not have to suffer the Westgate Bridge either way every single day!"
    I had not been past The Alfred for quite some time either, and so my sister drove down Commercial Road. I could not belive the changes to the buildings either side of the main hospital. The old nurses quarters..gone.
    I reminisced about picnics Andrew and I had in the park some days on my lunch breaks too. I did love working there.

  2. West Gate is a shocker for sure Cazzie. The Alfred, the hospital that ate Prahran, like the hospital that ate Malvern or the hospital that ate Richmond. The park is ok now, but it was a very sorry and sad sight in summer. Did you notice that funny old two story house is still there? The one near the Chevron.

  3. Were you delayed by the cow in the tunnel?

  4. Haha Daniel. No, it was yesterday. What a laugh, the cow in the tunnel. Until I learnt that barriers had been put around it and a .303 was needed. Effing cruel livestock transport.

  5. The bloody Monash Carpark was a nightmare when I drove years ago and I (safely) predicted it was only going to get worse.

  6. Much worse now Jayne. How did this happen?