Monday, July 20, 2009

Twenty Questions

In celebration of..........whatever, I am opening myself up for any reader to ask me questions. They can be as personal as you like. They can be about my opinion on events or current affairs. Whatever you like.

Pretty well anything goes, except for work, and if I have to respond with a comment about other people, especially near and dear, I will be circumspect.

Log out of your blogging program and you can then ask anonymously or email to ripppon at yahoo dot com and I will copy the question and not identify you.

I expect I will end up red faced, not by the questions or answers, but by a lack of them. Oh well, worth a shot.


  1. i'll do you a deal. comment on the website
    (ignore the flash intro) from the point of view of getting people to come to the bowling club and ill ask a q.
    1. what star sign are you?
    2.what chinese astrology animal are you

  2. Is it rude if I ask you what year you were born?

    Well, you already know I wondered that so.....

    I guess I want to know how old you were during that protest against John Kerr.

    And...who is your favorite Australian author?

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Melbourne?

    Besides Melbourne, what is your favorite town/city in Australia?

    Now I'm going to search for your adventures with Heidi.

  3. Hmmm...I think you've answered many of my probing queries already elsewhere, Andrew ;)

  4. You knew from the sart that this was an unsafe experiment, so I'm going to ask those awkward, typically gay boy questions... I figure it's better than having me half-smashed in a bar somewhere asking the same thing, plyus we'll be sober enough to remember:

    1: Boxers or briefss? (although I think I know the answer to this)

    2: Cut or uncut?

    3: You wanna sleep with me?

    See, not nearly as awkard when you put it like that, is it?

    Oh, and one that's not for the list - next time you're down Brunswick Street, you wanna drop me a line so we can catch up for a coffee? I reckon it'd go real well after those questions... but you can always ask them in return!


  5. oh Dina please let me brag that I started the booing of John Kerr at the Melbourne Cup presentation where he was drunk. I was right at the fence of the presentation ring and all I did was say "OMG he's drunk" and everybody took it up.
    Older now, I realise that pretty much everybody on the course was drunk by that stage, a racing tradition that began with Victorias earliest staged races in the 1850's.

    Back on topic:
    Andrew have you ever been to a Melbourne Cup and got right into the culture of the event?

  6. OMG The Mutant is a bad bad boy.

    My question is:
    Would you go/Have you gone, to a School reunion?

    (and was it like Romy & Micheles High School Reunion, ie., a mistake?)

  7. Q: a)
    How cacked do you think a pair of sneakers have to be, before they just have to be put in the bin ?
    b) how disciplined do we have to be, to limit 'the sneakers aggregate' to just The Newest Pair, plus one cacked pair that are OK just for yardwork?
    c) should we just have the one pair and chuck the rest?

  8. Done Poet. Libra and Rooster.

    Dina, I can't type it for some reason, but can you work it out from Libra and Rooster? If not, a bit more mental arithmetic at this post,

    Struggling with author, but I will say Martin Boyd.

    Close to where I live is probably my favourite area, Prahran, but Fitzroy gets an honourable mention.

    Fave town. I don't like the heat so nowhere further north than Sydney. Perhaps Launceston although Bendigo was quite nice. Note no big cities. None can compare to Melbourne for me.

    I will go back and edit Heide. Btw Dina, you spelt it wrongly.

    The bulging fact file you now have on me Jayne. But you haven't got my Medicare number, thank god.

    Mutant, bikini briefs. I am of a certain age. Is that what you thought? Cut. What you don't want to know size? How disappointing. What is wrong with young people nowadays. Given your weekend past, I don't think you should be sleeping with anyone else for a time. (did I get out of a direct answer?) Anyway, I wouldn't be flattered if I were you and I said yes. I used to have a reputation. My meeting bloggers record is getting worse though. The thought of meeting me, and they end up in hospital now. Be warned, I am boring in real life. Btw, I remember seeing you around somewhere after seeing your last published photos. Must have been somewhere dimly lit.

    Interesting one FG. No I haven't and probably not likely to now. I used to want to go in the past before it all became quite silly. Not much culture now. I'll keep an eye out for you next time they show the Kerr footage at the races. You are wicked.

    Brownie, no and no. The thought terrifies me. 'Oh, you were so skinny when you were young'. 'Oh, is that your job'. 'You are what? Gay? Always knew you would turn out like that'. 'You live in a flat?' Mind you, I would give it back if warranted. I can still find a bitchy tongue. Maybe if I had kept in touch with people from school it might be different.

  9. Ann, if they are not waterproof, they go under the bed and after one year of not being worn, rubbish bin. I am not a great hoarder of clothes etc, if fact I don't hoard much at all now. No sheds, garage, ceiling space or under floor.

    I used to keep an old pair for gardening or painting, so I would say, a good idea to have the old pair as a reserve.

  10. My meeting bloggers record is getting worse though. The thought of meeting me, and they end up in hospital now.

    That's a low blow. I truly fell ill whilst you were in Sydney and a cute ambulanceman can vouch for me; if only I had taken his contact details.

    I was going to ask you a very personal question when I first read your invitation this morning but decided I couldn't be that crass. Now I find that Mutant, as bold as anything, has asked the same question. Good on you, Mutant.

  11. Andrew, bikini briefs and cut were both answers I was expecting, I'm not letting you use that 'certain age' thing as an excuse. I also wasn't exactly expecting you to answer though. As for size, well I would ask, but that just seems rude to do so in public (as if the other questions weren't) Of course if you care to tell me I'm not going to complain... seeing as I've been right so far, it'll be interesting to see how I go on this one.

    As for the question you haven't answered, that's just rude, if I'm not your type, just say so. Oh and next time you see me out, don't be so fucking rude - buy me a beer and we'll see where it leads!

  12. The Olden Days When Size Really Mattered:
    Since I am a dinosaur from the era when ANY female mentioned in print would get, in brackets, immediately following her name, the size of her hips waist and bust ...

    (I know, I know, you're shreiking and falling about in disbelief, but it did not die out until about 1970. Example:
    "Sienna Miller (32-24-34) in Sydney today")

    ... and it drove me nuts, and I guess it drove Dr. G. Greer to write the Female Eunuch.
    I used to wonder why it did not apply to men, eg:

    "Today, NSW Premier Robin 'Jellybean' Askin (2 inches on-the-slack) said "run over the bastards" when anti-war demonstrators crowded his car ...

  13. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Ooooh - OK, sorry I'm late, I love asking questions:
    Do you have any superstitions?
    Are you a dog or cat person?
    If money were no object, where would you go on holiday?
    Who was your first crush?

  14. Victor, I was really having a go at myself, not you. I know you were ill. Re question, it takes the brave and young. Nothing to loose.

    Mutant, average porn star stated size. Maybe I am actually that size or porn star listed statistic. ie a lie. I will leave it for you to measure. While I am not a size queen, I do like a big one......but then I quite like little ones too.......average is not bad either. Ok, I like dick.

    What happened to FG? Ok, now MS. It certainly does apply to gay men, in a slightly different form, 5'11, 75, fair, slim, smooth, 8" cut. You are defined by this. Of course you point is valid. It was and is wrong. Robin or Robert Askin? I don't care about size when they are as rich as he was. Now tell me again, how did he get so rich?

    I expect some ongoing questions Scott.

    I don't walk under ladders. I don't want paint spilt on me or a something dropped on my head, otherwise, not superstitious.

    We have had both cats and dogs and seen them out to old age, but I would say I am a dog person. I demand loyalty. That doesn't mean the dog can't root around.

    Spain??????? No, perhaps Rio. The type of guys to be found there excites me.

    First crush, probably my Uncle. He was hot. Oh, that's perhaps a bit wrong. How about my art teacher Mr Kirk. Neat goatee, dressed well, smooth talker, in retrospect a bitchy queen, but his remarks used to amuse me. Why did he not take advantage of me? Why didn't anyone take advantage of me? I used to like hairy masculine older men, now I like the opposite.

    Take note Mutant.

    Don't respond all. This is really going downhill. What fun.

  15. Andrew - your next round of questions are coming to you via email tomorrow - I expect there's too many shocked readers already.

    Prepare to be drilled (in a questioning sense) and in the meantime I'll prepared to be drilled too (and I do not mean for oil).

  16. Hahaha! Great questions, great answers. If you hold the lift doors for someone and then when they get in they press the button for a floor lower than the one you're going to, do you mentally say "Cunt"?

    I've emailed my other questions.

  17. I am getting afraid Mutant.

    Lad, only with a small c. I use the big C for the ones who stop the lift to get in when I am in a hurry. It does of course depend on what they look like.

  18. Robin Askin changed his name to Robert. After the change, he was still a dick.

    Now why do we say dick and cunt to describe evil, when in fact, they both give so much pleasure ?

    Askin Dick probably got all that money from bribes when he was the NSW Minister For Public Works responsible for buggering up the building of the Sydney Opera House.
    (now there it is again, using a word to mean the opposite of something that can be quite good, engrish is a mad lingo)

  19. F.G Marshall Stacks...That's quite a claim to fame!

  20. Bwca beat me to it. Askin changed his name from Robin to Robert when he was knighted. Apparently that was a more manly name for a 'Sir'.

  21. I was dreaming up a question, but now I'm laughing far too hard at this to concentrate:

    "While I am not a size queen, I do like a big one......but then I quite like little ones too.......average is not bad either. Ok, I like dick."

    Don't we all, Andrew, don't we all!

  22. Ok Brownie. Robin it is.

    One of many Dina.

    Ok Victor.

    Life would be empty without them Evol.

  23. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hot uncle - NICE ONE!

  24. And charming as well Scott. Lasses used to fall at his feet.

  25. Why did you kick the vicar in the knackers when he tried to christen you Shirley?

    (Oh. Sorry, that was a very silly question. We all know you really wanted to be called Ms Temple.)

  26. LS, ah, so that is where I got that fetish from.