Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tech Boi

The electronic wall clock was two minutes slow. It does this. Every so often I correct it. I needed it to be accurate this week when I was catching public transport. I pressed what I thought was the button to start correcting it and the clock just showed rubbish on the front.

I stuck a skewer into the reset hole but that did nothing. I removed and replaced the batteries but still just rubbish showing. Had to leave for work.

Take two later. I did all of the above again without a result. Wonder if the batteries are flat?

They were. That is better. Set hour and minutes and year. Set date which should automatically set the day. The day was wrong. Start again. Still the day is wrong. I start to doubt that this really is 2009. Hunt through file of manuals for appliances. Eventually find leaflet manual.

I am doing everything correctly. Ahhhh, have you guessed? Date is American format, that is month first, then date. I can alter the clock from 12 hour to 24 hour clock. I can alter temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit but I cannot change the date format. Odd that I check the clock for the date and know how to read it, but could not remember the different date style when I was setting it.

On to the failed paper shredder. R gave it a decent bash when it stopped and it started working again, but stopped soon after. This is a clue to the problem.

It was plugged in with all the computer power plugs. There are a few of those. How do I know I have the right one? I can't use the machine to check if it has power. Follow the lead carefully and then double check. Remove umpteen screws and there are the workings, an electric motor an nylon cogs. Lever one cog with screwdriver, switch on and it worked. Reassemble, but it again failed. I had noticed large globs of grease near the cogs.

Pull it apart again and spread the grease over the nylon cogs. Presto, it works and is still working. I think the motor is worn, but it will work for a bit longer.

Car Update: My head is being shaved, well machined anyway. The novelty of tram travel to and from work, four trips a day, has worn off. I want my car back. On the upside, I am reading a newspaper per day and some book and catching up with podcasts.


  1. Andrew, you never told me you could fix things... Take me, I'm yours. I got a wee bit under the collar reading about how handy you are around the house!

  2. Goodness, I haven't been that surprised since my 'Gong Boi professionally trimmed and re-hung his kitchen cabinets one night :P

  3. Mutant, I am not as confident about tackling such things as I used to be. They make it hard for an amateur now. Any time you would like your carby stripped down.....

    Jayne, well hung cupboards are a joy to behold.

  4. Remember when all you did to get a clock going was to wind it up?

  5. Nope MC. I pulled them apart.