Thursday, July 23, 2009


I see there are smart new Skodas now being sold in Australia. They look ok enough to attract the young market. But people of my age who remember the Skoda of old would run a mile from the idea of buying one.

I don't actually know if they were any good or not, but they were widely despised and associated with other Eastern Bloc car manufacturing such as the Trabant or a more recent import to Australia, the Lada.

Here is a photo of one much as I recall them, from


  1. Skodas are still no good, they are made out of sand.

  2. ...or cake:

    Anyway, things are well and truly different now, despite still being built in Czechoslovakia, they are built by Volkswagen now, which means you're pretty much buying a plain-clothes VW for a lot less money.

    In a couple of weeks time I'll be running a review of the Škoda Octavia TDi, so I'll be able to tell you all about it. If you feel the urge to Czech it out (sorry, couldn't help m'self), let me know.

  3. You blokey bloke you, Andrew, next you'll be going all rev-head on us and talking about the Easternats that have been kicked out of Sandown Park :P

  4. nYes, but can it talk like "KIT"? It looks like it has a mouth, lol.

  5. Ben, clearly I don't watch enough tv.

    Mutant, the sand ad was odd, yours is just weird. Maybe not so bad if VW is responsible, but oh, I couldn't.

    Heard all that this morning Jayne. Makes sense, not! As de Faino often says about his youth, so I recall mine.

    Scratching a bit Cazzie. My Mother the Car?

  6. They look slightly like the old Hillman Minx - which was our first car and went forever... but these ones look a bit tinny

  7. Yes, it is a bit Minx like. But the Minx was all solid English car.