Tuesday, July 14, 2009

River Panorama

This is a big photo and not for the feint hearted on dial up. It is a stitched photo taken from Riverland bar at Federation Wharf on the banks of the Yarra River.

From your left you can see the rowing boat sheds of which some are also bars or party venues, then across past the Alexandra Gardens.

The Arts Centre spire is to the left of Hamer Hall, a music venue. Princes Bridge sits below Hamer Hall and above is what used to be the Mobil office building, coverted into apartments over a decade ago.

Next to it is an apartment building, Quay West, and in behind sit the Herald Sun building and I think IBM.

Then we are on to Eureka, Melbourne's tallest building with the Langham Hotel below and out of site, Southgate, the first building constructed as part of the conversion of the Yarra's southern bank from industrial to commercial/business/residential.

Financial service company Price Waterhouse Coopers (could I slip in disgraced here) is to your left of Crown Casino's hotel.

Under the arch of Princes Bridge on your far right of the picture can be seen the footbridge connecting Flinders Street Station to South Bank.


  1. Do you have a bigger version Andrew, I'd love that as my background across my dual monitors.

  2. I can see some sporting venue too! Way over on the left
    Rod Laver Arena?

  3. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Oh, you've made me homesick! Vik.

  4. Not a bad venue, Riverland. And your photography is stunning.

  5. Sent Tony. Ready for you to spread over your umpteen monitors.

    Thanks Cazzie. Should I do more similar?

    Well Ian. It has caused me some puzzlement. I looked at the online street directory and concluded you are right, Rod Lave Arena. I assume you mean on the left of the photo as you are looking at it? What? You said left. I am confused. Anyway, while travelling across Princes Bridge in a tram this evening, I looked along the river and I am sure it is the MCG with the fly swat lighting towers. I will take another look to confirm.

    Just to make it worse Vik, it was a sunny winter day. The air crisp and clean and barely a breeze.

    Thanks Lad. It was taken a few weeks ago. I was sitting there on my own having coffee and I thought it was a good idea to take a few photos. Being of a certain age, I haven't been to Riverland at night, but by daytime experiences, I think it would be good.

  6. Ahhh, I love Riverland on a sunny Sunday afternoon........

  7. Yes, on the left, was wrong the first time, sorry for the confusion

  8. Indeed Evol. Dappled sunshine coming through the trees. Very nice.

    Cleared up then Ian. Must say, you have aroused my curiosity about it.

  9. That is something else...funny you mentioned the Eureka building as in an earlier comment on yours I mentioned having a Eureka moment...HMMM synchronicity or something

  10. The picture is beautiful, but it makes me a teeny bit jealous when you say that's a winter day!

  11. Funny name for a building too MC.

    Thanks Daisy. I think there was some outdoor gas heating on but not where I was. It would have been about 60F.

  12. I miss Melbourne. A lot!

  13. I am sure you will be back one day PH.