Thursday, July 02, 2009

Repost Mollie Sugden

Mollie Sugden 21/07/22 - 01/07/09 RIP


  1. Andrew,

    Ah dear ol' Molly. Just cant beat those great 70's comedies. Camp comedy at it's best.

    Oh, we're havin a UK heatwave!!

    Hope all is well.

  2. Yes, heard about her and Karl Malden this morning.

  3. Deejohn, I just heard about your heatwave. Even I would be complaining here with temps like that. Bet the Tube is stinking hot.

    Jayne, I used to enjoy Streets of San Francisco. He was a good actor.

  4. Thought I mustve been dreaming it when I heard it.. 3aw was on our bedroom radio. RIP Molly.
    Lots of laughs from our loungeroom because of the wonderful comics on that show..good memories from my childhood.

  5. not only Streets Of San Fran
    Karl was 3rd lead in
    Streetcar Named Desire
    with Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando.

  6. Karl got an Oscar for his Streetcar performance; and while I was at checking my claim, I got this for Mollie Sugden -

    "Appeared on season three of Little Britain as herself. The character of Liz (David Walliams) is always bragging how she was the bridesmaid for Molly Sugden's wedding, to anyone and everyone, while her poor husband (Matt Lucas) tries to hush her.
    In one episode, Liz starts again bragging about being Molly's bridesmaid. When Molly turns around (we first see only her back) she says to Liz that she only had one bridesmaid and the girl was called Helen not Liz. Liz ends the skit with throwing a knife into Molly's back.
    The character of Liz was inspired by a friend of David Walliams who went to a wedding where he met an older woman who was claiming to have been Molly's bridesmaid."

    ..and before Little Britain, Mollie was in everything else, including The Goodies. Bless her, and the mauve wig she rode in on.

  7. ...and now she really is 'free'....

  8. Yes Cazzie, memories from my childhood too........oh, I lied.

    Ann, how would I notice him when Marlon was in the movie? Re Mollie, yes I remember now that scene now. Quite funny.

    Victor, didn't that fall into day to day lingo. I am surprised to hear the tv show ran for thirteen years.