Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pie crust promise

Brother, Little Jo's 2nd birthday party will be smaller than last year. So pleased you and R offered to have it at your place. Did we? Must have in a weak moment.

I turned out to be bigger than the pay to participate orgy my Malaysian mate has just participated in in Spain. The orgy sounded immense. Girls who like bois who like bois who like girls.......and so forth.

But in the highrise, family, furniture rearranged, much cleaning to impress, friends, pairs of ladies with babies and children, hot food, drinks, hot oven, food, crisps, savs, party pies but home made sausage rolls, sushi and wasabi went wanting and thrown out, cakes, balloons, nuts, lollipops and snowballs, beautiful birthday cake, nice stuffs for the vego girls who wear sensible shoes. Six children under five. Oh, some people have that many as a family and must live in perpetual chaos.

Photos from our Sydney holiday shown around. Dvd playing of Little Jo's first six months. Later swapped for oldest nephew in Glasgow dvd greeting to his younger sister for her 21st. Yes, no underwear under your kilt. Shan't mention we saw the bits when we changed the laddie's nappy some 23 years ago.

A very successful afternoon party. Mother who had fallen off a step ladder while sugar soaping walls received much sympathy, so she was happy. Sis in Law and Tradie Brother's girlfriend did not go the biff. Bone doctor's parents attended and did not socialise, as per norm. Bone Doctor's mystery brother came. Said nothing. Long blonde hair and a long nose. He is useful to feed Sister's cat when she is away.

The highrise looked like a disaster, but thirty minutes of concentrated effor by R and myself, and we had it almost back to normal. Still some sticky finger marks on glass to clean, but that can wait.

Sister offered us $100 to clean our carpet. Stupid. Furniture would have to moved. I never clean under furntiture unless it has to be moved. I have been spot cleaning carpets for thirty years of all sorts of animal, vegetable and mineral stains. I don't need a proffesional to remove stomped in chocolate cake, sticky lollies, spilt milk etc.

Crazy day, but preceded by a walk into town for some supplies for the party and a very nice brunch at Riverview? at Federation Wharf.


  1. Sounds very tame compared to some kids parties I've refereed and sounds like you all had a fab time as usual.

  2. any party not crashed by cops is a success.

    2. on 80th birthdays, stepladders should be confiscated as part of the commemoration.

    You are both saintly for the effort, and years on, Little Jo will be visiting you both when you are in that Home For The Terminally Bewildered.

  3. I think it was very nice of you to let them have the party at your place.

    I'm glad it went well.

  4. Yeah, not too bad Jayne. All spills and sticky finger marks removed now.

    I don't know what possessed her to get up on a ladder. Since found out she trod in a bucket of water as she was getting down, and then fell over.

    Thanks Dina. Apart from NYE, it is the closest we come to having any sort of party.

  5. Haha! I laugh because you are so gorgeous Andrew... a tip from me to you, yet of course you know it now, only lightly clean the place before a toddler's party :)
    Next time, if there is one, a sausage sizzle is simple... sausage bread and sauce, no need for a plate. Ice cream cake.. use cones for the ice cream equals no bowls..equals no dishes. For the lollies, a Piniata is fun, they can fill their own lollie bags once the piniata is burst :)
    I have simple games too that I can tell you about, but they are really only for an older Little Jo and her friends.
    Your Sister is lovely to offer dosh for cleaning of carpets, yet as you said, furniture has to be moved etc etc. If you had floor boards and not carpet I would've suggested the move of furniture to clean under it, as kids often drop food that ends up rollig under it
    Too bad some people did not want to mix with the crowd, I guess it is their loss.
    Good on you and R for hosting the part-ay... evn if you do not remember having a soft moment, lol.

  6. Cazzie, Mother was coming. Must be clean. You gotta remember it is an apartment. We could do a sausage sizzle. Plates aren't a problem. Dishwasher looks after them. I like the ice cream cake idea. That will have them lining up. Hard or soft floor, the food can stay under furniture indefinitely. Re not mixing, the Bone Doctor and her parents march to the beat of a different drum. Not unkind or rude, just different. AND, I am not too old that I can't remember kids party games.

  7. Whats a messed up carpet or two? Sounds like it wasn't boring

  8. Quite so MC. I will remember Little Jo's party forever, but I will soon forget about carpet stains.