Thursday, July 30, 2009

Name that train

I am already starting to forget names of our bits of public transport system when it was initially privatised. I better get them noted down for old age, lest I forget.

Let me see now.

We started with the government owned trams and trains and some buses. PTC, Public Transport Corporation and then there was MET too. Did PTC run the MET? What was MET? Metropolitan ???

Before the running of the system was privatised, it was divided into two entities for trains and two for trams. We had Hillside Trains, pretty well east west lines and Bayside Trains, more north south.

These were rebranded post privatisation into Connex and MTrain respectively. MTrain took their bat and ball and left the field and all trains became Connex

With the trams, similar. East west was ??? and went on to become Yarra Trams and and north south Swanston Trams and became MTram. MTram no longer wanted to play either and the trams all became Yarra Trams.

Pretty messy really, and now the trains and trams are going to change names again. Does anyone really care what brand is on their train or tram apart from the need for a name to use when writing a letter to the newspaper?

Correct me where you will, or add stuffs.

Now it would take a better person than me to work out the hundreds of maintenance companies.


  1. The Met wasn't an acronym, but a marketing name for the Metropolitan Transport Authority.

    The MTA then became the PTC.

    When the trams were split up just before privatisation, the east-west routes were Yarra Trams. This name was kept after privatisation, and thus is actually owned by the government, not the operator (unlike Connex). So they could keep that if they wanted.

  2. I was going to write "Daniel will know" .. then he published a comment just as I was writing mine!

  3. I wonder what colour uniforms will be? I guess it matters, since I am the one washing the current one. I hope the slacks are made in a different place too..or made better... the stitching is total crappola!

  4. Do the companies actually need a name used by the public? I mean a train is a train and a tram is a tram. The name of the company that operates them makes no difference to me.

    Obviously they need a name to be able to do business but aside from that...

  5. Gee you have a good memory Daniel. MTA. I had forgotten. So that is why I could not recall Yarra Trams previous name, because it was Yarra Trams. I had no idea about the ownership of the name. Very interesting.

    Altissima, he is good hey.

    Cazzie, I have a feeling the uniforms are Australian made in a country town. Not sure why. Just think that. New uniforms will be part of the budgeted cost for name changes I suppose.

    Course they don't Ben. You catch a train, a tram or a bus. The only time general public use the brand names is when accompanied by some really bad words.