Sunday, July 26, 2009

Laughter, tears, parties, good times, fights, drunken moments, raging husband, house full of machinists, tenants, boarders.........the list is long. The house is now bare and cold and the upstairs tenants above gone. No nick nacks, no glowing warm timber furniture and Persian carpets, no paintings, no silver.

Dame M is not behind her bar pouring herself a drink. She is not sitting at her kitchen table illuminated by several lamps to read by. The smell of cigarette smoke has gone, just the yellowing paintwork remaining.

The blinds were never open. It was always lit by lights, warm and welcoming. The Boarder has gone, taking with him many of Dame M's possessions as he was entitled too. The battle with the will goes on.

Dame M has left the house. Gone. Sad, but she has gone and not even her ghost left behind.

If you are newish to my blog and you want to find out about who she is, Cast List
The funeral
Dame M at 81
Dame M on skates

There is plenty more there. Put Dame M into my search facility. I am surprised at some of things I am rereading.

Lousy photos by the real estate agent.

$1,200,000 Plus
5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4 Carspaces
Huge & unique 2 storey dwelling converted into 3 vic apartments with scope to enhance. Live in one, rent the others out, subdivide (subject to council approval) or convert into a family home. Apartment 1 & 2 have been converted in a massive home with period features, charming entry hall, funky 60’s bar, 2 huge bedrooms, gigantic living areas, 2 bathrooms & original kitchen facilities. Apartment 3 & 4 are both 2 bedroom apartments loaded with period detail in deco style, verandahs, open fire places, high ceilings, good sized living rooms & leafy outlooks. Also offers off street parking for several cars, large courtyard & established gardens & sep l'dry facilities at the rear. Good-sized allotment of approximately 616 square metres. An excellent example of style & grace from yesteryear & close to Albert Park Lake & Fitzroy Street.


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    God, it looks so bare now! Looks nothing like the place where we had good times. Vik.

  2. Oh, Vik, you were there when I dropped the cake weren't you.

  3. Is 'Dame M' a nod to Mrs Madrigal from Tales of the City?

  4. Evol, she was quite like Mrs Madrigal in many ways, but no, it was just the first letter of her surname.

  5. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Yes, butter fingers, I was! Vik.

  6. It's very sad when the life goes out of a house you know well.
    I bet the Land Rat described that house as 'ideal for entertaining'.
    (We all know they will die out after cockroaches have, but this weeks NZ ski disaster proved that it takes a lot to kill off a melbourne real estate agent. I wish I had been a fly-on-the-wall at his ex-wife's when the news hit.)

  7. Well expressed Ann, the life has gone from the house. I am surprised the Land Rats didn't just say, fit for bulldozing, because it is really. No architectural merit at all. There is a 'short term' motel next door. They offered 1.2 for it a couple of years ago.