Saturday, July 04, 2009

Holiday Day 5 Sydney Day 3

This was our day to visit Watsons Bay and see The Gap. Back down College Street and this time to the main bus stop in William Street. We waited longer than I thought we should for the 325. There was a quicker alternative bus that followed the old tram route more closely, but I wanted the more scenic route of course. I just adored this bus trip. There were some spectacular views of the harbour around Rose Bay. At some point we pulled into a bus interchange in Edgecliff for a change of driver. Reminds me, must contact Victor. The bus followed the coast quite closely, twisting, turning, seeming to back track but evenutally the bus arrived at Watsons Bay.

I did expect there to be lots of shops, including food places and touristy stuff. There wasn't. We seemed to be nowhere. There was a cafe and it was certainly time for coffee.

We were going to stop off at Rose Bay to see where R once worked and used to watch the Catalina flying boats land and take off from the water and we wanted coffee, but since the 325 service seemed so infrequent, I decided not to and R did not really care. It was many years ago and areas change so much, they are no longer recognisable.

Although we could see a bakery a little way off, we decided to check out The Gap first. Walk left or right? I had forgotten that Ben said the way right was easier and we went left. Regardless of steps etc, it was worth it. What sensational views and I could watch water crashing and swirling on rocks for hours. You can see why the lovely flat area of rock when I suppose people think is a good way to end their lives. I don't recall of hearing any survivors of a jump at The Gap.

This is a snap looking back towards Sydney. An Asian lass asked R to take a photo of me and her with our backs to The Gap. Who knows why she wanted me in the picture. Will I end up on the internet as her Australian sugar daddy? Perhaps she just thinks I looked hot, haha. As you often do when posing for a photo with someone else, I put my arm over her shoulder and she did the same. Some things in this world are not for understanding.

We then had coffee at the marvellous Watsons Bay Hotel. Bit cool in the shade. We took a walk along the beach and returned via some back streets. Can anyone tell what the function of this device in the gate might be for? I have no idea.

After the walk, we ummed and ahhhed over whether to eat at Doyles Restaurant

or Doyles take away, informal dine in. Had it have been nightime, it would have been a no brainer......the posh place, well, maybe not really, but we decided to eat at the informal eating area. It was ok, although I thought the fish and certainly the batter was better at the Coogee takeaway yesterday.

I had the ferry departure times noted down, but went down to the pier to check instead. A ferry was there and a staff member beckoned if I wanted the ferry. I waved no. I checked the timetable and we had another hour before the next ferry. Oh well, back to the Watsons Bay Hotel (it has another name, but I can't recall it) for a drink. We sat on the top deck on comfy lounge chairs.

The ferry back was a Cat and we were quickly back at Circular Quay after a stop off for passengers at Garden Island. I missed that one on the timetable!!

I like the electronic music combined with didgeredoo music, but it must get a bit wearing on the staff in the nearby shops.

We trudged up Phillip Street to Bridge Street where the Museum of Sydney sits. The building has a fine history. Look it up yourself, or I will never leave the computer. We looked through the gift shop and were undecided whether to pay the ten dollars and five dollars concession to see Shooting Through: Sydney by Tram. We did so, and the exhibition was very good, although I knew most of the stuff already. The movie showing was great and people were very interested. Bring the trams back, I say. We made a profit on the entry price though. $5 off a $15 daily monorail/light rail ticket and two for one entry to the Tram Museum of Sydney.

We took a cursory look at other exhibits, but we were stuffed. Down the hill to the Quay and the train to Museum and up the Liverpool Street hill to the hotel. Rest.

For dinner we caught the bus along William Street to Kings Cross. We walked the length of the main street but no where appealed. We checked to see if Joe's Cafe was open, but it was not. Finally we decided on a pub meal in Bayswater Road. It was $10 steak night and we had great steaks. Not a flash place but good plain food. We caught a bus back to College Street. That was a cheap meal.


  1. The New South Head Rd bus services to Watsons Bay are shockingly infrequent in comparison with the equivalent services along Oxford St to Bondi Beach.

    I reckon the device conceals a camera for the inhabitants to view who is knocking on the door.

  2. By the way; all that blue sky in your photographs. Isn't Sydney weather wonderful? (at times.)

  3. Great pics, your eye was in fine form, Andrew!
    Sounds like you packed a stack into the day, great food reviews, may venture out of the Garden State On The Move sometime soonish.

  4. Something similar happened to us with an Asian tourist in San Francisco. I don't remember the exact story though. I think we asked her partner to take our photo maybe? And then to our surprise she got in the photo as well. So we have a family photo with a complete stranger added to it.

    Anyway, I love reading about your trip! Great photos.

  5. Makes me wanna go to Sydney sooner than later :(
    I heart Joes Cafe

  6. Oh my fav cafe there in Sydney so far has been Battuta Cafe. The have a nice website too..the place is awesome to sit in and have an affogato or three :)

  7. Anonymous1:11 am

    And you didn't go to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a pea and pie floater, whilst you where here in Sydney?

    And ain't the weather so much nicer then in Melbourne?

  8. I thought the service was poor Victor. The device sits quite low on the gate, so I don't think that is it. At least you had a go. The weather was excellent. Only rained on the Sunday evening, heavily but not for long.

    Ta Jayne. Always plenty to do in Sydney.

    We must be on to some cultural difference here Dina.

    Pretty hard for you to get to Sydney now Cazzie. Keep it for a while as a naughty memory.

    Anon, is that the one at Wooll...that place? We have seen it. Yes, the weather is nicer :-P

  9. Loverboy3:40 pm

    I'm not sure, but that device could be to carry sound: speech.

  10. That is all I can think of LB, a kind of voice trumpet.