Friday, July 03, 2009

Holiday Day 4 Sydney Day 2

The day started with breakfast in our hotel. It was the same every day. We did not go out for breakfast but just had cereal and toast in our room. As per at home, I awoke about 6.30 to 7.00 and played with the lappy until R arose between 8.30 and 9.00. This time is when I get through a mountain of stuff on the net. It is a time alone I treasure. I have probably blown out his monthly allowance. I did not look at any videos, only pictures, papers, blogs and sites appropriate to our holiday.

I wanted to combine two things. The first being a trip on the bus, route 389, that follows the old tram route from the city to North Bondi via Bellevue Hill. The other, walking from Bondi Beach to Coogee. It was not working too well though. We had no need to start the walk at North Bondi as we know Bondi Beach well enough. Ok, the latter part of the old tram journey is not closely followed by the bus, so we will get off at Bondi Junction and change to the 380 and get off at the southern end of Bondi Beach.

I knew the bus ran along Park Street/William Street and turned into a minor street named Yurong. We walked down College Street to the bus stop in William Street. Oh look, Sydney Grammar. Must call Victor later. The bus stop indicated that route 389 did not stop there. I can see why. It must get from the bus stop on the left of the road and cross several lanes to turn right into Yurong Street. We headed down the hill and walked along Yurong Street to the bus stop. In the photo you can see the rosette on the building that was used to hang the tram overhead support wires. It is the thingie below the rust mark.

The bus arrived and it is quite a busy on/off route, seemingly being a service for local people and not the quickest way to get to Bondi Junction. It twisted and turned along narrow streets and crossed the tram purpose built viaduct over Barcom Avenue. We saw all sorts of things, houses, shops, people, things that we would not have seen on a direct route. It is hard to imagine how a tram ran along these tiny streets and interacted with motor cars.

I decided I need a cap to protect my head from the sun, so we stopped off at Bondi Junction and I bought one in a cheap shop and had some decent coffee. Back to the bus interchange and onto the 380 bus. We alighted at the southern end of Bondi Beach and started our walk. Here is the Bondi Sea Baths.

I expected it was a walk around the cliff tops with gentle grades. It was not. There are steep hills, steps and some reconstruction with not well marked diversions. My feet ended up being very sore and R had calve and back problems. Luckily he had medication with him to treat his problems. I knew my feet would be ok after some overnight rest. While it was challenging for us, we both wanted to complete the walk and see what was to be seen.

Surf life savers. How many people who are with us now who would not otherwise be if it wasn't for lifesavers. Bless. Click the picture to read what is there. 35,000 people at Bondi Beach is impressive.

Now, does someone actually live here or is it artwork? I think it may well be a home for someone with million dollar views.

Hey, the Bronte tram cutting. It is not the same view as when I wrote about the cutting back here, and with an old picture. I was quite chuffed to see it.

Some tram history.

A boardwalk is being built past Waverley Cemetery, so we had to walk through the cemetery. We dawdled and looked at many graves.

I can't recall if this is Bronte or Clovelly Beach and I am too tired to check. Regardless, it is nice.

We were diverted again into side streets as we approached Coogee. We reached Coogee and ate fish and chips from a takeaway. Very nice they were too. We sat at an outdoor table in the sunshine and admired the views. We walked along the beach and then to the parallel to beach Arden Street. We came to Coogee Bay Road and walked along a bit to Brook Street where R used to live. It would seem where he lived has been pulled down and something else built there. We walked past the oval where a few guys were having kick to kick on the oval. Not once did I ever see anyone in parks or anywhere playing rugby, only kicking an Australian Rules football.

We caught the 373 bus back to our hotel. I had forgotten the route number, and thought the bus might not go via Oxford Street but via back streets and we would end up at Central Station, but I did get it right. I must write on paper and carry route numbers. It was an interesting trip back, and yes it followed the old Coogee Bay tram route, right past Randwick Racecourse and along the old Anzac Parade tram reservation. I saw the marshalling area for racecourse trams.

After a rest and a spa at the hotel, we felt up to walking down Liverpool Street to Chinatown. We dithered, as we do when choosing somewhere to eat but eventually chose a place and selected a set menu. It was a nice meal, including hot and sour soup for which I had to pay an extra dollar. It was nearly the weirdest hot and sour soup I have ever eaten. I am a connoisseur of Melbourne hot and sour soup. I love it, but this one was weird, not bad, just different.

We watched people and the trams passing by at the bottom of the Dixon Street and walked back to the hotel. We went a different way and it was nice and flat. But if you are going to the same place, you are going to have to uphill at some point. The last bit walking up Wentworth Avenue was a killer. My notes say we went onto the Colombian Hotel for a drink but I am not so sure. I think we were pretty whacked after such a big day. Regardless, we were home by 8.30 pm.

We must take it a bit easier tomorrow.

Just a comment on Chinatown, sometimes malls work, sometimes they don't. Chinatown's Dixon Street Mall seemed wrong to me. Not exactly sure why.


  1. Beautiful Bondi area photos. Now I'm regretting that we didn't go there this time.

  2. It's been ages since I've commented - I've been changing ISPs, getting naked (dsl) and got my VOIP phone up and running. Oh, and 6 day weeks at work! Glad to see the cool trip pics and it's good to know you're having a ball. Not missing much in Melbourne!

  3. Never mind Dina,it will be there next time.

    I am back Rob and I have half a post written on getting rid of home phone and referencing your post.

  4. That beach looks like Clovelly to me. Bronte's beach has a deeper sand area, I think.

    That tram viaduct over Barcom Ave is right next to the first home I was taken to after my birth 60 years ago and as you remember correctly I went to Sydney Grammar.

    Immediately behind you where you took the picture of that building in Yurong St was a brothel which was active all day. We used to sit in our classroom looking across the street at the comings and goings of the gentlemen customers.

    What a pity I didn't get to catch up with you when you did this touring.

  5. Nice! I'm looking forward to it!

  6. I enjoy my armchair travel from your blog, Andrew ;)
    Now, I hear USA flights are only $618; be a pet and pop over to California to say hi to the pater for us and post about the trip ;)

  7. Yes Victor. Someone told me privately, Clovelly. I hope the rattly tram did not disturb baby Victor's sleep. The brothel, that must have been fun for school boys.

    I will get around to it Rob.

    1 1/2 hours was a long enough flight for me thank you Jayne.

  8. Anonymous1:02 am

    We don't have trams anymore in Sydney Andrew, they are called light rail.

  9. Anon, it is a pity they don't work like a proper light rail should...that is fast.

  10. I think blogger et my comment :(
    You certainly did some walking about there Andrew. We do the same thing Hubby and I when we are in Syd. Sometimes it is faster that way to get around and also not to miss a thing. I love reading the plaques (spell check) that note history..and there are plenty if people would just look.
    My Nanna lived in Sydney since age 16, after leaving the Orphanage at West Wyalong..and I love to walk George of her favourite places to go. I just wish I knew which places they were and if the buildings are still there and operational. There are some lovely buildings there. Next time I will make sure to photograph them.

  11. We really ought to be fitter Cazzie. I am sure you could stride about with more energy. Thanks for the colour about your Nanna.

  12. The 389 must have been the most awesome tram ride
    Bronte cutting, very nice, that would of been a nice tram ride too, quite pricey to park too unless you live in Waverley council and can get a pass.
    The photo beneath the cemetery is indeed Bronte, Not clovelly, Victor's mistaken, Tamarama is deep and Clovelly too. Bronte is soooo lovely, I lived there once.

  13. I lived at Bronte for 5 years and worked at Bondi for that time, did I ever walk, maybe but I can't recall

  14. It would have been great Ian, and it travelled the distance to North Bondi from memory in 39 minutes. Amazing. I should have checked about the beaches, but I was very tired when I wrote that bit. So just another place you have lived. So many places because of your occupation?

  15. Ah yes, the life of a chef

  16. Anonymous6:43 pm

    I used to live near the Bronte cutting, our front yard looked out over a green park and then dropped down to a cliff and then the ocean, it was gorgeous and spectacular. But that was Sydney a long time ago, not the shithole it currently its.

  17. Anon, Bronte still is pretty nice. Lots about what Melbourne has become that I don't like.

  18. Loverboy3:45 pm

    I've done that Coogee to Bondi walk with my social worker niece; lots of confiding from me, none from her.