Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Holiday Day 2 Bendigo 2

Sister and the Bone Doctor were concerned that Ipsy had disappeared while they had been away for a few days. Ipsy reappeared from behind the toilet cistern and climbed high onto the bathroom wall. It is a Huntsman spider and he has not lost a leg. It is tucked away somewhere.

How good is the Bendigo Art Gallery? Excellent and very innovative. They had a fantastic exhibition earlier this year and Sister took us to the gallery to see the latest exhibition of the Archibald portrait prize entries. The gallery had a computer set up for popular choice voting. Could I vote for anyone else but Ben Cousins, who's portrait had him lying baretop on a bed? Of course not. We would have liked to have seen more of the gallery but Little Jo was getting restless.

We then climbed the tower near the gallery. It sits high above the beautiful Rosalind Park and a rotunda. I do like a nice rotunda.

Do not graffiti public places, but if you do, please make it something sweet like this.
This is a beautiful water feature but sans water.

Queen Elizabeth Oval. There are some local ructions about its condition, but it didn't look too bad from the tower.
Sister then took us on to Lake Weeroona for Little Jo's daily 'chino', a little milk froth. Sister did a couple or running laps of the lake while we played with Little Jo on the excellent play equipment. The galahs were to busy to notice us.
Time for Little Jo's midday nap and time for us to go home. Sister said to go via Lake Eppalock, only ten minutes longer. Between the larger trees and the hills should be water. Sadly very much not so.
Bendigo is a beautiful city and I don't think you will be disappointed if you visit.


  1. I do love Bendigo. Even contemplated getting a job in the town and moving there a few years ago.
    Good pics!

  2. Our frockblog encounter with the Bendigo Gallery CAFE was not as lovely as their exhibit.
    What is it about gallery cafes? The Ballarat Gall Caf had The WORST Service when I was there.

    I wish we had all climbed that tower for the view, but our January day was stinkin' hot.

    Just noticed your Blog Followers over on the right - a very healthy 24 - good onya.

  3. I do love Bendigo, we will be going through there next week on our way to Wyperfeld National Park. We will see my Grandad there too.
    Nice pics Andrew :)

  4. I'm glad the spider is okay.

    I like graffiti sometimes. It can add character to a place.

    I like the name Bendigo because it rhymes with Wendigo.

  5. Loverboy.2:52 pm

    Sexy Beryl lives in Bendigo. When I visit she puts on a bikini and does a little dance for me, then bangs out some tunes on the piano, and there's no funny business, none at all, it was attempted and it failed many years ago at the drive-in up there, so they say, Beryl struggled like mad, and it's been a no-no ever since.

    (Thanks. You may ignore all this)

  6. Raelene, I thought Ballarat was pretty nice, but now I think I prefer Bendigo.

    Ann, we did avoid the cafe. I have found much the same as you. Don't go to a government funded place for coffee. 24 eh. A couple seem a mystery.

    Cazzie, just make sure you stay clear of the trams. Even a 4wd fares badly against trams.

    I like these spiders Dina, in spite of their size and look. We used to have pet ones when we were kids. One hung around for what seems years. The way you say Wendigo might not rhyme with the way I say Bendigo. :)

    Loverboy, had we have known, we would have listened for the tinkle of a piano.

  7. That's no tower, that's a poppet head. Great view from up there.

    Lake Eppalock holds a lot of memories for me. I've seen it full to above the tree line about 15 years ago, so sad to see it so low now.

  8. It is a poppet head. I never realised until you said it. Is it in an original location? I recall a good time ago you mentioned something about Lake Eppalock when we went to Broken Hill and Mildura.

  9. Andrew,

    I'm almost always wrong about how things are pronounced in Australian.
    I'm usually very surprised when I hear a name of a place spoken for the first time. It's rarely said the way I said it in my mind.

  10. Dina, just as well we connect well by written communication then hey.

  11. I've boated on that dry lake bed many a time (and caught many a Redfin), damn bloody drought.
    Bendigo is the slightly nicer big sister to Ballarat (think Violet and Hyacinth Bucket) ;)

  12. So shall we see a post on how to cook reddies Jayne? Which city is Violet and which is Hyacinth?