Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going Northside

Tomorrow I need to go to Rathdowne Street, Carlton. I read something somewhere that a cable tram travels along Rathdowne Street. Sounds like fun. Ah no, does not run anymore, so Jayne informed her readers.

Ok, the easy option would be to get a tram to an adjacent street and walk five minutes. Lygon or Nicholson Street would do. But that would not learn me anyfing. If there was a cable tram along Rathdowne Street, there must be a bus now. If there was bus along Rathdowne Street that replaced a cable tram, then it must have been a governement bus. While it would now be a private bus, the service standard must be quite good if the private bus replaced a government bus.

So I just need to check where to catch the bus to Rathdowne Street.

Someone could give me the quick gen, or I will look it up tomorrow. Pressing the favours a bit, but I need to get to South Yarra Station after going to Rathdown Street too, interupted by needing to go near the corner of Lygon and Princes Street. If you are all unhelpful, I will just drive the motor car. Now that will be an exciting post won't it. Driving to Carlton and then South Yarra, not.


  1. I tried to maneuver around the Viclink Journey Planner but then it demanded I hand over either my kidney or first born to get the answers.
    I sure will miss my daughter.

  2. I took a guess at bus 250, and was right, though the 251 and 253 will also do it. They all go along Queen St, then Lonsdale St.


    It looks like each of them runs every 30 minutes on weekdays. Hopefully together the three routes combine into some kind of frequent service, but it's really hard to tell from the Metlink web site.

    And you're right; they're National Bus, former MMTB.

  3. Sympathy Jayne. It doesn't matter where you are, these planner things are always difficult to learn to use and of course, no two are the same.

    Daniel, as someone who lives on three bus routes run by the same company, they never combine to provide a frequent service in practice, or even theory I think. Right, so outside QV I can catch the bus. Funny, I just checked back and it seems to exactly follow the cable tram route as far as Park St.

  4. Welcome to my hood Andrew.

    Of course my knowledge of bus routes is non-existant thanks to my tram-only fetish, so I'm afraid you may be a little stuck there.

    Should you plan on taking the motor-car I'd be much more helpful, but if you want to park anywheree near your final destination I'd not recommend it.

    Now, hows that for helpful... about as handy as a screen door on a submarine I reckon!

  5. I'm going to the Journey planner now. No, sorry Andrew, not to help you, but to do as Jayne did and give away my first born.
    I can't see that I'll miss her much, not while she is so argumentative!

  6. There aren't any trams up Lygon, easy to just get one up Nicholson and walk over, it's only a little totter over.

    As someone said, the 250 goes up there:

    Easiest thing would be to ride a push bike :P

  7. Not a sign of you was seen Mutant.

    And the battle goes on Raelene.

    Fenz, do you mean Rathdowne. Yeah, I did catch a Lygon Street tram home. It is very close. Me? On a pushie? Well, I might ride, but I don't mix it with traffic.