Thursday, July 16, 2009

Commo China

Interesting that Senator Barnaby Joyce loves to call China, Communist China. Is Joyce the new DLP? Please don't tell me he is Catholic?

I am somewhat mystified about China locking up one of our citizens. China is getting really bad press world wide. I have some sympathy for the governors of China. It is a huge country, full of many different peoples. How to keep a country of millions cohesive, I do not know. Yes, lots of human rights abuses, corruption, cheating et al.

But when they do stuffs like arbitrarily locking up one of Australia's senior business people, and it is an ongoing subject in the press, I really wonder how smart China is? The slight sympathy I may have felt for China has evaporated.

Anyway, is Australia making a big deal about nothing? I read somewhere that ninety Australians are imprisoned for various offences in a Middle Eastern country.


  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Obviously Rio Tinto didn't pay enough in graft payments to Chinese Officials. That's how business is done isn't it?

    Anon Sydney

  2. Sadly it does seem to be. Of course Australia isn't so clean there either.

  3. I read an article on ITnews the other day, about China's recent decision to stop using electro shock therapy to treat internet addiction. WTF?

  4. I saw something about that too Evol. More than six hours a day at a computer and feeling anxious or angry if you can't use a computer. I better line up for my shocks. Now where do they put the electrodes?