Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deck Clearance 21/07 The Guardian

Getting to the bottom of the barrel now. Scraping it even.

I occasionally look at UK newspapers online and I can't say I have found anything really satisfactory. The Independent is ok, but it is not in the style I am used to. Nothing wrong with the writings, more the presentation.

Then I found The Guardian. A fine newspaper it is. Take this piece from today. Ok, it is not really an example, just something I found interesting, a rebuttal of some outrageous claims made by the right wing in the US over Obama's proposed health reforms.

The Guardian would seem to be the closest thing in the UK that is near to our own The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. Anonymous8:11 am

    But nobody reads The Age or Sydney Morning Herald....they can't even give them away up here. Which they do at the local gym.

  2. Subtract the freebies from their circulation figures, and their figures would be much lower.

  3. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Lovely how people address the substance of the issue, ......
    Good article, but truth to the Septics is only useful if it serves their particular political prejudice - I am in several Septic groups on the net, and they are stark raving mad (and have nuclear weapons) - somehow, gov. health insurance would mean taking away their "choice" to die without medical treatment. I kid you not.

    A friend once told me
    "The polarisation between Left and Right in America is beyond the comprehension of the rest of the world, most parties in other democracies are centrist (ie, here in OZ we have B1 and B2)so Septic positions are extreme. This, coupled with their ignorance of the outside world makes them incredibly insular and hyper sensitive to criticism.

    Its pointless arguing with them - nice people as individuals, give you the shirt off their backs - but DONT go anywhere near Politics or Religion.


  4. Hi Michael and welcome. Your last point I kind of knew. They are very nice as individuals. I understand the generalisations, yet I keep coming across people in the US who just don't fit the box we Australians put them in. I suppose the people I come across are outward looking by their nature of reading overseas blogs, but still, I really wonder about our general view of US folk. I am not sure it is right.

  5. I have been getting so annoyed with what people are saying.

    It's crazy.

    You should hear the stuff I hear from Republicans.

    There's ignorance.
    There's paranoia.

    I won't say too much because I wrote about it in an upcoming post. It actually had nothing to do with my subject, but I got so angry about it, I had to vent.

  6. Michael,

    From what I've heard, the Democratic party IS Centrist. But in the Republican's eyes, they're totally on the left.

    For me....I like Obama. He's better than the alternative. But he's too far on the right.

    I guess it's all about perspective.

    As for American's ignorance about the outside world, we're not all like that. No. Some of us are educated.

    But for some people...yeah. The stereotype completely fits.

    The Republicans I know believe we're the best country in the world, and everyone wishes they could be American. They truly think this!

    Yesterday I emailed statistics out to my family...stuff comparing other nations. Stuff refuting all their claims. So far, they've been unable to argue back.

  7. Andrew,

    I didn't notice your lovely comment before. Thanks for sticking up for us crazy Americans.

    Yeah. We don't all fit the bad stereotypes. But some definitely do!!!!

    Still, it is hurtful when people assume you're a certain way just because you come from a certain country.