Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blocking Box Junctions

Box Junctions is a term I only came across yesterday.

To briefly explain what they are, they are road intersections where yellow lines are painted from the middle of the intersection to the intersection boundaries in a criss cross pattern. They seem to be found in the UK and Europe. Road laws state that you are not to enter a box intersection unless you can clear the yellow markings.

Look, here is a photo of one prepared earlier.

You can be prosecuted for blocking such an intersection. Maybe a cop will book you or maybe a camera will take a snap of you being naughty.

Blocking intersections is extremely selfish and plays havoc with normal traffic movement. I see it a lot. I just look out our window and see how traffic from Toorak Road to Kingsway block St Kilda Road every night. I experience it when travelling by tram in the evening in the city. One car blocking a tram load of people. It is very seldom that there is any advantage to the driver who blocks an intersection. Some do so because they see some advantage but most do it because they are stupid and probably not worthy of holding a driving licences.

It is not so hard. The traffic is slow or stop start. You get to an intersection and you just make sure the car in front has cleared the intersection and then you can go. I will conceed that if you are behind a high vehicle, it might not be so simple. But if the high vehicle was crossing a railway line, then you would hang back, or maybe not. Drivers are pretty stupid.

I think this concept of yellow painted box intersections is stupid. Ok, yes I am using a lot of 'stupids', but how else can one understand such behaviour?

No, forget about painted yellow lines in intersections. Just don't block any intersection. It ain't too hard.

Clearly Victoria Police have no interest in policing the matter. In the city they are far too busy nabbing jaywalkers and I have seen some nabbed who have not done anything dangerous nor impeded any traffic. I guess it must now be up to technology and some camera installations to stop people blocking up intersections.


  1. There was one tried near the Kew Junction a while back (Denmark St I think, that end) with signs put up (It's near the VicRoads office for the love of God!). The only reason I can think of is a fear of getting stuck at the red light (heaven forbid!) and the constant risk of some dickwad from the other lane cutting you off over the intersection (illegal too - you can't change lanes there).

    As for the jaywalkers, I'm all for the cops going after them. They cause that many accidents and near-misses, especially for those of us driving trams. In addition, their dashes often cause us to miss lights, so I'm all for sinking the boot!

  2. I thought (and Wikipedia says) that (in Australia at least) the rules apply to every intersection, not just those with the yellow lines.

    But yeah, despite the rules, people do it all the time.

  3. As far as I know, that rule applies to all intersections, however I have seen a couple painted with lines, the corner of Princes and Rathdowne Streets in Carlton/North Carlton being one, Still doesn't stop anyone though.

    What I find hilarious, is that people block an intersection, stopping the cross-flow of traffic, yet after thh lights cycle through they still haven't moved, so not only have they held up X amount of cars, busses, trams, they wouldn't have gotten home any faster had they stayed on the other side of the intersection.

    I'll admit, I've been caught off gaurd a few times by rolling traffic so I'm not perfect, but I've never blocked an intersection either. I can't help but laugh at some people's counter-productive impatience though, except when it fucks me over. Then you're likely to cop a death-stare that could burn a hole in your skull.

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  5. And why the fuck does Blogger keep double-posting my comments? Sorry 'bout that.

  6. Anonymous5:18 pm

    With road rage these days no one's game to block an intersection. Run red lights well that's a different matter. Lost count as to how many times I have nearly been killed on a pedestrian crossing with motorists running pedestrian red light only to stop at next red light 100 feet away.

  7. Rob, there is jaywalking and jaywalking and as you describe, throw the book at them.

    Daniel, I recall that from road rule books, which is why the yellow lines and designated should not be required.

    Mutant, now you remind me, yes I have seen that intersection too. I guess it is a visual deterrent. I once blocked someone from coming out of a minor street in heavy traffic once. I was not concentrating. I do better now. Btw, your comment come through on email four times, haha.

    You are in Sydney Anon? Sydney drivers don't seem to block intersections like Melbourne drivers do.

  8. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Yes Anon from Sydney, Andrew. No one up here is gane to block intersections cause you are just as likely to be decked by an irate driver you have blocked.

    Works well, maybe that's what you need in Melb, road rage.

  9. I like your traffic management ideas Anon. I maintain Sydney drivers are better and less aggro than Melbourne drivers.