Friday, July 17, 2009

Basket case Sydney

I haven't finished with Sydney yet. I have a couple more posts about it yet.

In the nineties, Victoria was seen as a terrible place to be. Our population was declining, hard to imagine now, and we were told the state was broke. I never quite believed the hype by conservative forces that led to the election of the conservative Liberal government and its awful policies.

However, while the NSW government is very much on the nose, and deserves to be, I don't see an alternative government in the waiting. (is Rees a slightly more modern Unsworth? Will the next tory leader be like greasy Greiner?)

But like Victoria in the nineties was seen as Sydney or NSW is perhaps being seen now, let me assure you, Sydney is vibrant functioning city. Public transport still runs, streets still get cleaned, people still eat, still go out for food, people laugh, shop assistants don't look like they are about to loose their jobs, the beaches are lovely, the harbour gorgeous. Ok, I saw a particular part of Sydney, but generally I am sure, there is nothing wrong with Sydney and probably NSW that a new government bring in a breath of fresh air could not fix.

Just as a comment aside, it was amusing how every tourist map I saw covered Sydney from no further than the far western edge of the city, but then right through to the eastern shores and of course the North Shore and Manly. Clearly anything west is of no interest to visitors.


  1. Hehe, that Olympic bloke's accent will live on for a long time.

  2. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Thats the problem in Sydney we don't have a decent Opposition Party to take over the reins of NSW. And so many years of neglect by the incumbent and atrocious Labour Party have left this state wanting. It all started after the Olympics had finished, fun for two weeks but now we are still paying for it - then more millions spent on bringing out his holiness Ratzarse from Rome and more millions wasted on a cross city tunnel that wasn't needed and isn't used, metro card that didn't work etc etc etc.

    With regards out west there is plenty for the tourist to see but we like to keep them secret.

    Sydney, ANON

  3. Sad to say, it really started when Carr was elected. I felt joy when the tunnel went broke, but of course taxpayers are now picking up the tab. Much of what is present was Carr's doing.

    Same as Melbourne, plenty in the west too.

  4. Investment in the future is needed by both state govts, not piddly expensive popular sport crap that will get them tv coverage for 5 mins.

  5. Do you mean to tell me there is something west of the city?


  6. And hell may freeze over Jayne.

    Yeah Victor, Blue Mountains.

  7. lol about the maps. It's so true.