Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barbie Party

One of our dyke friends turned fifty last week. She and her girlfriend really know how to hold parties. It is not just about a constant flow of drinks and food, there are also always entertainment interludes.

Pretty well the full gang were there, only missing Dame M. Myself and R, our brother friends, that is Chi Chi and ChaCha, The Boarder (Dame M's) aka Jasmine, the Hairdresser, the ex policeman and NT politician and his Fijian Indian b/f, the Brighton Antique Dealer, sans her toyboy and the Mountain Women, along with our two dyke friends, one whose it was her fiftieth birthday.

It was held at a cafe in Inkerman Street St Kilda, it being closed for the night for the party. The guys there did a great job and it was an inspired choice of location to have the party. The venue is called Inkr7 and we will certainly return for a bit of nosh one day soon.

I had to work the next day quite early so it was a sober and early night for us. Not so for the Mountain Women, and as they live in the Dandenongs, we felt obliged to offer to accomdate them. However, there was no late night call to be let in, so don't know what they did. Maybe slept in the car. It was pretty cold though.

As Barbie has just turned fifty, so has our dyke friend, so that was the theme for the party, hence the collection of Barbie paraphanalia to give as a birthday present. What do you give someone who has everything?

It was strongly requested that guests dress up as Barbie or Ken. I hate doing this stuff, and so I made a token effort. R went as Hawaian Ken, a lea, flower in hair, coloured hair and a hawaiian shirt. I printed on a tee a photo of Barbie next to a photo of our dyke friend with the lines underneath, Both are fifty. One has been re-invented many times. The other is fabulously original. It generated interest, although it was hard work sucking my stomach in as people wanted to read the slogan.

In the modern way of things, at least half the crowd were straight. Now if I see one more platinum blonde wig, I think I will throw up.

The birthday girl's girlfriend cut a fine 60s figure.

Now which pair of feet belong to a real woman.


Atmosphere, with Jasmine almost visible.


  1. I loved Tattoos Barbie.

    Guess which feet are genuine FEmale ?
    the really-pointy toes of course.
    No man would jam 5 toes into that ridiculous space and then attempt to walk. Do encourage Little Jo toward orthopaedics as a career.

    Gosh I wish I had been at that party - Lucky HighRisers.

  2. Looked like a hoot. I love the idea of a Barbie themed 50th too!

    Sounds like a wild night indeed - shame you had to shoot off early though. I can only imagine what some of the some of the tales from later in the night must've been like.

  3. Awesome fun! I love it!

  4. Looks like a fab time :)

  5. MS, you are right of course. It The Hairdresser, friend of The Boarder, aka Jasmine. She looked liked Alison Durban.

    Mutant, from what I heard later, it didn't really get messy. All too middle class and old I think.

    It was a well run and enjoyable party Cazzie and Jayne.

  6. It looks like a fun party : )

  7. It was Dina. Very well planned and executed.