Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Bad FF Session

I bet that subject line snapped a few eyes wide open. Today I am talking about the FF known as Firefox.

I updated to version 3.5. Why on earth did they think people wanted their right click menu disabled? It did not take long to correct it, but doesn't everyone use right click menu? It should default to being on and let anyone switch it off if they don't like it.

And FF has gone to a grey screen twice already and I had to restart the computer. My advice, don't upgrade yet.


  1. A couple of months ago I acted on a computer generated prompt and downloaded an update of Internet Explorer. Ever since, I have had difficulties opening certain blog sites.

    I tried to rectify the problem by downloading the supposedly latest version of IE only to be told on each attempt that I cannot do so because I already have a later version! Go figure.

  2. Firefox 3.5 has a critical security flaw. If you haven't already, make sure you upgrade to 3.5.1 to fix this problem.

  3. yeh i've read loads of comments about how dodgy 3.5 is, i think i shall wait. You could always roll it back to a previous version.

  4. Why the hell does there need to be an update anyway??? It annoys the hell out of me. I've just been forced to upgrade to the latest IE at work, and I hate it, although the tab thing is handy. Apparently my home comp needs an upgrade to Safari too, along with a huge list of software that needs a newer version, despite the fact there was nothing wrong with the current version.

    The technophobe inside me hates it all!

  5. What...?
    I'm still trying to find an update for Pong....

  6. We old people Victor need to remember that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I followed that up Altissima, but went back to the old. Thanks anyway, interesting about security flaws.

    I have rolled back now Fenz. All is well.

    Mutant Luddite. The new is supposed to better. We should get. Sometimes it is, but often not. I still don't get the tab thing.

  7. I can't do any upgrades until I update my computer's main software. What do you call that? Tim and I have been talking about it for MONTHS and never get around to doing it.

    So anyway, I'm stuck with all the old stuff. For now, I'm satisfied with it.

  8. That's worth knowing - my FF hasn't asked me to upgrade yet, but I'll keep an eye out. It's not ideal, but so so so much better than IE that I put up with the odd niggle I have with FF. Not having a right click option would really bug me though.

    I've tried to answer your question on my blog post today, but it kind of loses a lot in translation so I don't know if I've helped or just muddied the waters!

  9. I'll take your FF and raise you a CHROME.
    I cannot recommend that anybody choose Google Chrome as their browser. First, it refuses to uninstall. clever bastards.
    I won't bore you with the rest.

  10. I haven't warmed to Firefox at all. I'm tjhinking it's like Sex and the City: I just don't understand the appeal.

  11. So it wasn't just me that hated IE8 and the chip it rode in on.

  12. "We old people Victor need to remember that if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    Much the advice I remind myself of each time I take a slash.

  13. ... and I've not any problems after having downloaded Morse code 3.5 onto my crystal set.

    (Thank you ladies at the CWA help desk.)

  14. Don't care to know about your pong Jayne.

    Sometimes upgrades are good Dina, but often not. You really have to pick and choose and wait. Doing nothing never does any harm.

    Mine never asked Jackie. I just heard about it and did it. I should not have. Off to your blog next.

    I have watched details about Chrome with interest Ann. But not tempted.

    Lad, I think the bookmarks, or favourites are much better in FF. Aside from that, I am among those who want to reduce the omnipresent Microsoft.

    So you have gone back too Jahteh?

    The mind boggles LS. Has 3.5 gotten ride of all those silly dots and dashes that made it so complicated?