Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sydney Travel

One week Sydney Yellow Travel Pass: All ferries along with buses and trains as far out as we would want to go - $50 plus possibly using the airport train, an extra approx $20 return.


Five day Sydney Pass: All ferries including River Cats, all Sydney buses, City Rail trains with the red zone, Hop on hop off Bondi and City Explorer buses, train from airport to City return, discounts at museums and other attractions - $150. We will be in Sydney for six nights and so probably won't need public transport the first and last days, the train part is not part of the five day period.

Tempting, but I am not sure. Maybe we will just pay as we go. Day tickets for trains, buses and ferries cost $17, a lot more than we would pay in Melbourne for a tram, bus and train daily ticket. Unfortunately, the Sydney tram and Monorail are not included in the day ticket. I can't imagine we will want a daily ticket every day though. Plus, it needs to be a relaxing holiday, not a race to make sure we get full value from periodical tickets.

I guess I need to plan out a bit more what we shall do in Sydney.


  1. In two weeks I will be a senior citizen and can then travel on Sydney public transport for $2.50 a day. Roll on 60!

  2. $150? You could by a mo-ped for that.

  3. I am so green with envy, I am missing Sydney! Pay as you go, depending on what you eventually plan to do. We love the monorail, too bad it is not included :(

  4. Yep, pay as you go, leaves you to change your mind and flit hither and yon as you wish.

  5. Except Victor, you drive everywhere!

    Brian, perhaps a yearly ticket on the Fleetwood to Blackpool tram.

    Huh Cazzie. S'pose you know all about the Taxi Club too.

    Yeah Jayne, we are on holidays. Who cares.

  6. I always found those types of decisions very difficult.

    If I don't buy a pass, I'll often end up being too cheap to buy the daily pass. I'll end up walking everywhere...or just going far.

    If I buy the pass, (which we do in Sydney) there is that pressure to use the pass and get my money's worth. I'm exhausted by the end of the trip, but now looking back, I'm grateful we did it.

    Maybe it depends on what kind of holiday you want. If you want to be busy and see a lot, get the pass. If you want to relax, don't get the pass. ???

    We never got the yellow one though. We got the red or green. It was the second cheapest. But it didn't include the airport. We took a cab.

    Well, good luck with your decision. And whatever you decide....Have fun!

  7. Dina, I think the one of the ones you mention, red or green, won't get us to Manly. We always like the trip to Manly. We may just buy the cheapest weekly and get a cab to a from the airport too. It is cheaper than using the train. Thanks for the extra info.

  8. Travelpass! Travelpass! Travelpass!

    I'm a convert. On previous trips I used to go day by day, but on the recent trip to Sydney I bought a purple travelpass and it was really good, spur of the moment deviations don't cost a cent.

    To me the Sydney Pass seems like a rip off aimed at tourists who don't know any better.

    If you do need to go outside your Travelpass area just buy an extension ticket from a ticket window before you get on the train.

    The gate pass for the airport is $16 and it allows you 1 entry and 1 exit at the airport within 7 days.

  9. Oh and a yellow travelpass is $50, while a weekly 1+2 metcard is $49.60. Although the yellow travelpass area would be smaller than zone 1+2, it seems a reasonable comparison. (Purple is only $10 more)

    Also it helps to think about the Sydney airport gate pass as the same thing as a return Skybus fare from Melbourne Airport, which costs about $16.

    In my mind it seems the costs in Melbourne and Sydney are quite comparable.

  10. Much thanks Ben. I will check again tomorrow the details and clarify it, but I think you are on the money.

  11. I'm pretty sure red or green is the one we got...and it took us to Manly. We got whichever one is the second to lowest price. The lowest price one won't get you to Manly, but the next one will.

    Although it could have changed since we went.

  12. Would be the green one Dina.

    Great Ben. The yellow one it is. Only four dollars more than the green one, even if we don't use the extra benefits. I think we will probably get a cab.