Friday, June 12, 2009

Solving our Indigenous People Problem

And what a problem our indigenous people have under the influence of their invaders. Our fair state of Western Australia seems to have come up with an answer. This is not yet before the courts, only the coroner, and it does not matter yet when it is interstate anyway.

You just chuck your indigenous person into the back of a van, drive in the heat until the temperature in the back of the van reaches 50 deg C, and voila. One cooked and fried indigenous person who is no longer a problem. Look out if you drink and drive in Western Australia and your skin is not so white. The punishment could be severe.

Four Corners, Monday night, on your ABC. Best to watch, just in case you are getting a bit too comfortable in your four walled and safe abode.


  1. Will be watching this, it's about time this crap was brought into the public spotlight.

  2. Not sure what the problem is. According to the bloke in our local fish mongers, lobsters get boiled to death all the time, but, apparently, they don't feel a thing and it's just like going to sleep for them. Apparently...
    Quite a humane way to go...
    According to our local fish monger.

  3. We live in a very disturbing world.

  4. Not sure I will bother Jayne. It was covered so well in PM on Friday night. It really is a shocker.

    And your fish monger is wrong Brian. Boiling lobster alive is banned here, not to say it doesn't happen.

    Yes Dina, indeed we do. I can understand racism, but such a lack of care for another human being is truly disturbing.

    Cazzie, and did they try to revive him? Nope, just drove him to the nearest hospital when a chucked bucket of cold water did not revive him. Let the hospital pick up the pieces.